April 20, 2005 - May 04, 2005

Day 06
April 25,  2005 Capadocia, Turkey
The text and the picture is submitted by Steve Gold

April 25,05. We are on the bus at 9 ready to depart for Avanos Pottery town.We are going to see a master potter.We are going to photograph in the moring when the fog burns off. the meaning of the word Anatolia is The land where the sun rises.Gslip, the potter gives us a demonstration.He makes a perfect circle pot.The craft is learned from his father and grandfather.We shop for pottery.We go to the carpet shop next door and get a show on carpets.Many of us buy carpets. Claire says the village is very picturest. She saw the mother mountain.Our motto is consolidation and punctuality. We have lunch and sample the yogurt and water called Ayum. We are on our way to Kayinabli, the undergroud city.There are 8 levels from top tobottom.We drive to sunset shoot at the Eillizian Gates where St.Paul was born.We are heading to Guzelyurd which means beautiful homeland.We take pictures at Hasandag and then have tea and cake at Fatma's.A very good day, as they all turn out to be. thanks for the memories.