2008 Morocco Tour Group Journal

Day 04     Nov. 13, 2008   Fes           Submitted by Lauri Cracraft Meli and Meredith


Meli’s journal 

The early call to a guide’s room is never a good news. I did receive that early call this morning. Laurie was seeing a doctor. I ran to her room across the hall. I thought it was the usual bug! But no she had fell, ripped her eye and she was on her way to the hospital to get stitches. The doctor of the hotel was very calm and said that she was ok.

But this was not the end of the bad news. Jane needed the doctor too. I was amazed how I could speak enough French to translate what the Doctor was saying. A bunch of medicine was prescribed for Jane. At one point the doctor said that he had prescribed similar medication for Grayson. I was in a state of shock. Three people in my group had to see the doctor this morning. This had never happened to me before. I was still trying to be positive and believe that it will be just a one day bug….


We started the tour at 10:00 AM rather than the planned 09:30 departure. All the medicine was brought to all of three patients. With our minds left back with the patients we started off. Today the body system is definitely not going to work. Grayson, Dick, Cristine, Laurie and Jane are not on the tour. Later Meredith who had contributed for part of this journal is going to join them too.

There are three cities of FEZ. Simply we can remember them as the old one, new one and the very new one. The cities have been built in three different valleys as if each is respecting the other.

The Medina. the Market of Fez is orderly in its own way. Walking in the streets, the right a way is given to the donkeys.The cats have the right to keep the head of the line in front of the butcher shops, and shop keepers have the right , in a pleasant way, to drive you crazy with their salesmanship. bargaining is the name of the game. GOOD LUCK!!

Submitted by Meredith

After a night of music and dancing by some of us, the morning dawned with the sound of "is there a Doctor in the house?" We are not sure what the cause was, but Lauri fainted and needed to have stitches above her left eye and Jane was talking with the Doctor about her stomach and I had had a rough night as well. Trying to eat some breakfast was a real struggle and I think that I said that would take notes on this day for Lauri. Meli was supportive in trying to have mind over matter. But it didn't matter, and after the bus ride through FES and Haji pointing out some of the sites we arrived at the souk. The first hour of trying to stay together was helped by a Moroccan Haji asked to walk with us to make sure that no one got lost. This was the biggest and most confusing souk we were to go through other than the one in Marrakesh. We stopped at a gallery that was filled with some of the most beautiful items Moroccan. 

 was then that this person was taken to a cab and went back to the hotel. The cab driver was very honest and the hotel diligent in finding me to give me the change due from the cab ride as I made a mad dash to my room as soon as he stopped the cab.
I would have like to stay but it was not meant to be..so these notes are sparse and if you, the group, have anything that would put a positive spin on this day...please add to this day.

Meli’s journal is continuing:

Leather tanning, weaving, wood carving, leather dying, brass and copper engraving, tile making, are only few of many other crafts being practiced under the arches, in dark alleys and in small courtyards. Walking in the old city is overwhelming, exciting, and tempting. Make sure your camera has sufficient film and battery.

Often we heard the narrow streets will with joy when the voices of the kinder garden students echo in the narrow allies.

 After lunch in the Medina, The Medina restaurant , we will continue appreciating the amazing craftsmanship of the Moroccans when we visit a huge ceramic mosaic work shop.
We have programmed what we will do at each souk so that we can get the best out of each one of these amazing labyrinths.

Casablanca – Walk and See

Rabat – Walk and shop if you can shop with in the given time

Meknes – Walk and Shop for jallabas, buttons, silk thread ….

Fes – Don’t get lost, watch for the donkeys, take photographs, pinch yourself so you do not think you are in a time tunnel, buy leather, buy stupendous jewelry, take more photographs, DON”T GET LOST!! Ballak Ballak is what we say when a donkey is trotting your way…

Asseouira – enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and be on your own for walking or shopping. But here the souk has a competition : the harbor and the beach

Marrakesh – Shop all you want : Spices, copper, monkeys, iron work…..

The quiet dinner at the hotel was much appreciated.


  • Dick was back with us for dinner
  • Kirsten was trying to eat that is a good news
  • Laurie was OK but her face was getting bluer
  • Grayson was up and over with her problem
  • Jane was still in her room

We have an early departure tomorrow. So every one retired to their rooms after dinner. I am praying for not receiving an early phone call tomorrow morning.

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