2008 Morocco Tour Group Journal

Day 06    Nov. 15, 2008
 Erfoud  , Ride in the Sahara, Nomads, Merzuga
Submitted by Fred Gerber derf36@yahoo.com
The day dawned cold and bright in the sleepy desert town of Erfoud where, after the usual breakfast and a pharmacy and bank machine stop, we arrived at the small, fly infested Souk. There to purchase divers foodstuffs for the nomads in whose tent we would eat our box lunches.

Our caravan of Land Rovers sped (euphemistically) across the looming Sahara in “Desert Rat” fashion to a spot where great numbers of Ammonite fossils carpet the landscape and where some of these long dead Cephalopods having been mined and polished are for sale by erstwhile venders who arrive by bicycle at the  sight of our vehicles. 

Then on to the semi-permanent encampment of our luncheon hosts and their black tent.

Lunch consumed, gifts of foods and toiletries made, we drive past pools of standing water left by rare recent rains, numerous “Kasbah“ hotels, and arrive in Merzouga at the Tomboctou Hotel, our home for the next 36 hours. The sun is shining, the camels snort and growl by 

the edge of the dunes and yet many of us are still sick! Lacking a resident epidemiologist we will never know: Food? Virus? Or just bad Karma? The day ends with drumming and a bodacious dinner buffet. Toureg Land!

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