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Tuesday  Istanbul
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17:00 or 5 pm for those Americans not used to military time, officially commenced our first orientation meeting with Meli, owner and founder of Melitour at Hotel Ayasofiya in Istanbul.  Some have been to Western Turkey before but for Barbara, Owen and I this was our first trip to Turkey.  Meli welcomed each one of us with a kiss on both cheeks prior to our introductions, which was quite sweet.  Besides Meli and our driver, there are only eleven of us ready with anticipated breath, to see and experience the Black Sea and Eastern Turkey for the next 19 days.  The group consists of 11 people. Our pictures are all below
Afterwards, all eleven of us trekked our way up the hill from our hotel to Sokullu Restaurant for lentil soup, chicken kebab or grilled sea bass along with tomato and cucumber salad and of course, baklava for dessert.  Since we had an early flight to Trabzon the next morning, we decided to eat in the neighborhood. 







                   MELI, THE GUIDE

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