Day 6 September 5, 2010
Sunday  Artvin-Ardahan-Kars                                      
Day 07    Table of content for Eastern Turkey Tour Journal
Submitted by Owen Clark

After breakfast on a sunny veranda of Hotel Karahan in upper part of Artvin., pleasant van ride in sunny dry weather. Left hotel 5 minutes ahead of schedule! They hill side was carved at various levels in preparation for a dam that was going to be built soon. When the lake is filled, the  high way will go over the viaduct which is already casting shadow on the old silk road bridges.


First view remains of fortresses on the Silk Road from east of Turkey over the mountains to the Black Sea.
See dam under construction- current jobs and future electricity at cost of ecological destruction.
10:10 Fortress at Savsat marks the other end of the
10:45 Tea at Laset Rest stop and upwards to the higher yaylas.
12:15 Pass at 2470 meters (Group Photo)subset of "birders" enthralled at raptors



The white horse was dyed with
henna to keep evil eye off her   

The cow looking at us, wondering what we were doing in her territory

The land of the eagles  


When we reached the peak at 2370 meter, we left the high mountains and the forest behind.


12:45 Lunch on sidewalk ( standing) in Ardahan.
It was Ramadan and all the restaurants in Ardahan were closed except one. The barbeque was indoors so the smell will not bother the fasting people out side.That was very thoughtful of them but the smoke made it impossible to eat in the restaurant so we chose to order our lunch to go and ate it right there on the sidewalk.

Take in local commerce: hay, ducks, and dung . 01:25PM  Drive northeast around Cildir Lake
look northward into Georgia and see railroad being built to bypass Armenia into Georgia.



Stop to photograph a woman beating wool. Invited in for tea with family who used to live in Istanbul but moved out  for a less hectic life.

Ken tried to card the wool. Said that it was not as easy as it looked.

Her husband was not at the house, but neighbors came in and joined us for tea and a wonderful conversation.
We were told that the new rail  connecting Georgia and Turkey will soon be finished, They are hoping that the new rail way will change their lives for the better.

04:45 PM Tour Archaeological Museum in Kars
Dinner and overnight at Sim-Er Hotel in Kars

Kars carpets  are made of sheep wool and the colors are the colors f the sheep.
The art of HAT : calligraphy

Copper and bras


The food at the hotel was like home made food.
The eggplant and yogurt were the favorite meal tonight   
The menu : Lentil soup
                   Egplant and zukini fried                                                                  the next day     Day 07
                   Vegetable Kebab