Day 18 September 17, 2010 
Thursday     Adiyaman Cappadocai       
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Submitted by Barbara Cutshaw


The van picked every one from the hotel at 05:15. the hot air balloon ride was the first excitement of the day. Cappadocia is a magical land and seeing it from the
balloon is a superb experience. There were 52 other balloons. each one was smoothly gliding in the air. Our captain lowered the balloon so low so we could wave good morning to his mother. After a Champaign -  breakfast we returned to the hotel. the tour did not start until 10:00 AM.








As soon as we left the hotel, we saw a horse cart driven by a village lady. All the photographers in the group instantly leaned to the side to take her picture.
Our next stop was a beautiful house carved in a rock. From 2 different levels came 2 chimneys. The grape vine in front of the main gate  was making the facade of this huge rock very photogenic.

Meli  called the volcanic mountain, Erciyes, the mother of Cappadocia. Millions of years ago, there were innumerable eruptions. The ashes  from the volcano in the east and in the south of  this plateau covered the land. wind and water eroded the ashes  and formed what the locals call "Fairy chimneys". 6000 years ago, the people found out that the rock is soft enough to be carved. They first used the holes that they carved in to the stones as storage place for their grapes. Then they realized that the temperature remained  steady . They carved stables out of the rocks. Finally, they realized that living in the rocks would be great for them selves as well. They carved their homes, fortresses, churches, monasteries, underground cities all into the rocks. Meli calls Cappadocia the competition ground between the creator and the created.   Our first stop was Zelve. Zelve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in three valleys, Zelve was evacuated  in 1950s. We visited the Flour Mill, the Fish church, homes, a monastery.

The Fish church had 2 fish painted on the arch over the apse of the church. Meli explained the significance of the fish for the Christians of the early times of Christianity.
In the Ancient Greek, the word for fish was IXTHUS .

I stood for Ius ( Jesus), X stood for Xristos, Christ, TH - Stood for Theo, the God, Y stood for Ius, The Son and SIGMA stood for Savior



The cross in between two fish figures on the left has been used in evil eye charms.

Cross representing  Jesus, Christ, God, Son, Savior




Our Driver Cengiz kept the bus immaculately clean. Every time we came back from a site seeing we could see him clean the windows. We all got used to being served  lemon cologne . We had lunch in Urgup. The main course was cooked in a pot. The waiter broke the top of the pot to serve us  the meat.

After Lunch we visited Fatma's house to see what it meant to be living in the rocks. Fatma and her husband are living in a rock house. Susan had visited this house last year, She gave her the pictures that she had taken here last year. Fatma was very happy to see the pictures. Her husband served us tea and a delicious cake.

She demonstrated how she spanned wool. We very much felt at home.

Our next stop was Galip's Pottery work shop. He has been working on the same wheel as his grand parents did for 5 generations. We returned to our hotel for our farewell dinner. Every one is going to leave at a different time. This has been a truly great tour



     Table of content for Eastern Turkey Turkey tour Journal