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April 26 Tuesday - May 7 Saturday

Day 01

April 26 Tuesday

Arrive in Istanbul
Arrival in Istanbul Transfer to Hotel The tour starts at 4:00 pm in the lobby of the hotel. After a short introduction we will visit the Blue Mosque Dinner. Overnight at Hotel Garden House

Depending on your time of arrival this schedule might change. We might start before 05:00 PM

Our hotel is situated within walking distance of the must-see places in Istanbul.

Blue Mosque inside photos might require tripod. Using a tripod at the mosque is allowed

The out side photos of the Blue Mosque at this time is wonderful because the light of the setting sun will be illuminating the domes and the minarets


Day 02

April 27 Wednesday

Full day in  Istanbul
Start the tour at 08:15 AMPhotograph the HippodromeByzantine cisternAya SophiaLunchOrtakoy : Cruise on the BosphorusFerry to Anatolian side for a sun set shotDinner

    * Please let me know if your clients are interested in seeing some of the museums or if they are predominantly interested in street shots?
    *In the Byzantine Hippodrome there are 3 obelisks and a fountain to be photographed:

                    Walled Obelisk,Thutmosis' Obelisk and the Bronze Obelisk
    * Byzantine cistern is an underground cistern     Reflections of the pillars in the water and the Medusa relief are major interest for the photographers.
    * Ortakoy has a variety of photo opportunities: street shots, traffic in the Bosphorus, good shot of the first bridge that connected Asia to Europe

Day 03

April 28 Thursday

Istanbul until 4:00 PM Fly to Cappadocia

Grand BazaarSpice MarketIstanbul street shotsLunchTransfer to the air portFly to CappadociaTransfer from Kayseri to the Hotel in Cappadocia

Leave the hotel at 08:30 with our luggage
In and around the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market will offer numerous photo opportunities. The group will be given free time in each market so every one can discover their own interesting corner in these historic bazaar settings.
The flight to Cappadocia is 1,5 hrs
Transfer to the hotel in Cappadocia is 1 hour 15 minutes
Dinner will be served at the hotel


Day 04

April 29 Friday

Full Day Cappadocia
We will start the day at about 07:30 with a walk in the neighborhood of our hotelShoot the Rock fortress of Uchisar from the Pigion valleyDrive to Cavusin village to see the abandoned city carved on yellow and Light brown rocksA short hike in Zelve takes us to 10th and 11th century churches, monasteries, and houses carved into the rocks, LunchVisit a family who live in one of the ancient rock dwellings. Sun Set Shot at Red Valley Overnight at Lalesaray Hotel in Uchisar Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is a land where nature and man have competed with each other to create the unusual and the most beautiful landscape.
The moonlike terrain of Cappadocia with its endless natural artwork is a photographer's delight.

  • Cappadocia is a grand valley with many photogenic valleys. All day today as we are driving we will be stopping at other sites other than what is mentioned in the itinerary. However, all the valleys have a different time of the day when they are more interesting. So depending on the light (cloudy or sunny) we will decide which valley to give priority.

  • When we do the family visit, we do not give any gifts. But if you do take their photograph , they will appreciate if a couple of pictures are sent to them

  • Though March is bit too early to see the people working in the fields. However, if we do see people in the fields to take pictures of, PLEASE MAKE SURE you let your clients know that in Turkey we NEVER EVER offer money to the people to have their pictures to be taken.

  • Please make sure you let us know if there is a vegetarian in the group, or if we should know about food allergies so that we can arrange the meals accordingly
Day 05

April 30

Full day Cappadocia

MustafapasaUrgupLunchGoreme Open air MuseumCappadocia Art cooperativeDinner & Overnight at Lalesaray Hotel in Uchisar Cappadocia.

Mustafa Pasa is a very old village. The houses have very artistic gates. We will have a short visit in the vilage
The court yards are also very unique. Goreme openair museum has innumerable churches with 11th century frecoes depicting the Bible as the monks then had interpreted them.

  • Since Cappadocia is also the crafts center of Turkey we will visit the craftsmen and women at their work shops and photograph their talented hands at work. In the carpet center of Turkey, we have scheduled a visit to see how the world-renowned art of Turkish carpet making by hand along the use of natural dies is kept alive..

                                                                                                                                                                                                    By Gene Morita
Day 06

May 01

  • Optional hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Avanos potters
  • Lunch in Avanos
  • Kaymakli underground city
  • Guzelyurt
  • If the weather is good, we will strongly suggest you to consider the optional Hot Air Balloon ride today. The cost is 160 Euro per person. For those who can change their mind, we can cancel the ride 24 hours before. At no cost. The payment can be made with credit card directly to the Balloon Company the day of the ride.

  • Leave the hotel at 09:45 for Avanos which is the traditional pottery center of Turkey since 4000 BC.

  • We will visit the work shops of the potters to see them working at the wheels used by their ancestors for generations.

  • A visit to the Kaymakli underground city of early Christians is also on our program. In Belisirma village we will have our best village shots. We will see the"mother of Cappadocia"-" The volcano, Hasan Dag, which is one of the two volcanoes that had created Cappadocia. Overnight in Guzelyurt in a hotel that was built as a Christian girl's school in 1853.


Day 07

May 02

Breakfast at a village houseGuzelyurt visitLunchCaravan saraiArrive in Konya at duskDinnerOvernight at Hotel Rumi
  • We will have breakfast at a home in the village to learn more about the village life, to see the unique architecture and to taste the best home made breakfast.

  • We will start the day with a short walk to the most scenic location of Guzelyurt, where we will capture 10,000 years of history in the gorge where houses were built on arch upon arch. Hikers can take a morning hike to the oldest monastery valley in Christian history. If you do not hike, you can stay in town and enjoy locals absorbing the local atmosphere meeting with the locals with whom you can easily make friends. After Lunch, depart for Konya, stopping en route at a 12th century Caravanserai. Konya is the first capital of the Selcuks, the oldest Turkish Empire in Anatolia. It is also known for being the homeland of Rumi, a 13th century poet-philosopher and one of the earliest humanists. The ambiance of the city has not changed much for the past 800 years. Overnight at Hotel Rumi- walking distance to the Rumi Mausoleum and the market


Day 08

May 03


In the morning a stop at the mausoleum of philosopher and the poet, Rumi, 17th Century Mosque shots. We get to Egirdir in time to see how the fading sun makes this lake and mountains a photographer dream of dramatic effects unfolding right in front of the lens.Overnight stay by the lake.
  • Our trip to Egirdir will be via a wonderful lake and through high mountains.
  • Along the way, the old villages, black goats and their hospitable shepherds, homecoming of the cows are few cultural photo opportunities.



Day 09

May 04

  • Egirdir
  • Kaklik Cave
  • Hierrapolis
  • Pamukkale at sun set
  • Overnight at Pamukkale Pam Hotel
  • En route we will stop at the Kaklik Caves for stunning shots of this amazing cave which looks like an underground version of Pamukkale.
  • The afternoon drive takes us to Pamukkale where we catch the setting sunlight magically illuminating the white cliffs as well as yellow travertine walls of tombs and monuments. Pamukkale (ancient Heirapolis) is singularly the most unusual natural phenomenon of Turkey. The Turkish name literally means - "cotton castle" - and refers to the extraordinary surface of the snow-white cliffs, shaped over millennia by accumulation of calcium deposited by mineral springs.

By Ben Kong                                                                                                                                                                                             By James Caldwell

Day 10

May 05

Didyma Miletus Kusadasi
  • Through the Meander Valley we will drive to  the Temple of Apollo.
  •  Biblical city of Miletus. 
  • Overnight at Kusadasi

The Temple of Apollo is the largest standing Ionic temple of the world,

For those who are interested in photography of architecture, these two sites will be overwhelming.


        By James Caldwell


Day 11

May 06

Ephesus Kusadasi
  • Ephesus in the morning for morning shots
  • Virgin Mary;s House
  • Ephesus in the afternoon for afternoon shots
  • Overnight at Kusadasi
Our first visit will be in the morning and for those who choose to return for the afternoon light, we will have time to enjoy photography of Ephesus. We will also visit the house of the Virgin Mary and the 13th Century Mosque of Isa Bey. Ephesus is the best-preserved classical city in the eastern Mediterranean and today ranks among the best places in the world to get a feel for what life was like in Roman times. While sitting in the theater of ancient Ephesus you can visualize 35,000 Ephesians listen to silversmith Demetrius shout..."great is Artemis of Ephesians"… in reaction to St. Paul's preaching… "there shall be no man-made gods."

  By James Caldwell                                                                                                                                                                                       

Day 12

May 07

Fly to Istanbul Departure

Morning flight to Istanbul to catch the international flight out of Istanbul

  • If there are clients whose flight is very early in the morning we can arrange a flight for them on Day 11 and they can stay overnight in Istanbul  to catch their early flight



2010 Meal List

DAY/DATE 11 Breakfasts 10 Lunch 11 Dinner
Day 03  Istanbul / Cappadocia INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED
Day 05  Full day Cappadocia INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED
Day 10  Didyma Miletus Kusadasi INCLUDED INCLUDED INCLUDED

Frequently Asked Questions

* Travel Insurance
Tour members find their own insurance companies. We will list here the names of the insurance companies recommended to us by the tour members as we get suggestions:
Travelex recommended by Fred and Ze Geber

* Hotels

  • As soon as you check in the hotel – any hotel – please always ask for their card. If they do not have a card, write down the name and the address for emergency
  • If you had booked for a double room, your room mate might arrive any time so please at all times leave your room key at the reception desk if you are not going to be in the room
  • Breakfast is served below the ground level between 07:30 - 10:00 am
  • Is there hair dryer in the rooms?
    Yes all the hotels have hair dryers
  • Do we need slippers?
    There are no slippers available in the rooms, you might want to pack a small slipper
  • Is there an elevator?
    No there are no elevators in the hotels except the one in Kusadasi and Bursa
  • Is there Laundry Service?
    Yes all the hotels that we will stay has laundry service. Please find out about the price before you hand in your laundry
    • Electricity

    240 W


    • 1US$ = 1.5 YTL
    • In Turkey you can use US Dollars
    • Do not forget to bring your personal checks with you.
    • ATM s are available in every city. You can get maximum approximately US$ 300 worth a day
    • It is best to change half of what you are planning to spend in the beginning of the tour at a bank.
      The hotel exchange rates are not good.
    • Many places will accept VISA or MASTERCARD. Less places accept American Express
    • Carrying your valuables - Passport, Money, Credit Card, Air line ticket- under your clothing is important though In Turkey you will feel very safe, it is simply a good precaution.

    Credit Cards
    *** 6 out of 10 people have this experience with their credit cards and ATM cards. Please note this reminder very carefully. The US and CANADIAN banks are very protective of their clients. So you have to tell them where you will be using your cards. Other wise they block the card until you make an international phone call.

    Before you leave home you have to let your bank and/or your credit card company the dates that you will be away inTurkey. Just letting them know that you will be away is often not enough. Many tour members get frustrated and when they can not draw money from their cards they say “but I have called them” Call them a second time before you leave home, and ask them to make sure that there is the appropriate note for you on their computers.

    In case you need to call them from out side of US and Canada, you should have a phone number that will get you connected with the right person directly with out being put on hold for 10 minutes as most of the “collect” call numbers for the banks are not collect numbers once dialed from abroad.


    1. The lighter you travel initially the more you will appreciate this note at the end of our tour.
    2. If you are expecting Turkey to be warm, you will be right only during lunch time. When we are ready to leave the hotels in the morning and in the afternoons you will be happy to have your arms covered with a heavy jacket.
    3. For the evenings you might want some thing more than a light jacket.
      Silk underwear works well.
    4. You can wear shorts if weather permits.


    1. On MELITOUR tours we take responsibility of not treating the children of the countries we visit in any way different that we like to treat our own children or grand children. We do not want the local children to take gifts of any kind from the strangers. So please do not give pens, pencils, candy, balloon…..
    2. Bring your family pictures to share with the others.
    3. The tour will be a much appreciated one if every one honors the absolute need for punctuality.
    4. We suggest rotation on the bus. However, if some one needs to sit forward, this will be accommodated.
    5. To make check in at the hotels faster and more efficient, please stay together in the lobby as a group until further instructions are given.
    6. After check in at the hotels, the guide will be at the desk for 15 minutes. Please report if there is some thing you want to be done with your room. Complaining about the room later does not do any body good.
    7. On this tour we have carefully allowed as much “free time” as is possible. Given the itinerary and the number of days on the tour,
    8. If any one wants more time on their own , we suggest staying additional days after the tour
    9. “Too much food! “is generally the comment we get from the tour members who are sad about the amount of food we are served and not fully consumed. Unfortunately, the culture of Turkey has a way and amount of serving food. Though we have tried it can not be less than what it is.


    1. Turkey will be cold in late March please be prepared with hats and scarves and a coat
    2. Maps of Turkey are available to purchase in Istanbul. do not pay a lot of money for maps in the USA
    3. Have a way of identifying your bag with a ribbon or other wise. It helps finding your bag among many others which look the same

    Please check the M&M web site "INFORMATION -- TRAVEL TIPS" section get photo tour
    specific equipment packing suggestions.


    1. MELITOUR pays for all the tips at the hotels and at the restaurants where we have group meal
    2. MELITOUR pays for the tip of the Driver in Istanbul only
    3. However, in Turkey, the expectation of the driver is that each tour member to pay a little gratuity to the driver Please calculate minimum US$ 30 per person for driver's tip.
    4. Bathrooms cost half a ytl. in most places


    1. You have to take permission from the people before you take their pictures. Some times they might not like to be photographed.
    2. If you promise some one that you will mail their picture please do it.
    3. Extra batteries or chargers are very important. The electricity is 240 Watts and you need European adopter for your plugs.

    All the hotels have Free Wireless Service available

    Yes MELITOUR can buy your ticket for you. If you want MELITOUR to arrange for your flight from Izmir to Istanbul
    The air plane ticket cost between US$ 80 - US $100 depending on the day we purchase the ticket.

    If you have dietary restrictions please let us know at the group meeting before the tour starts.

Arrival Info

* Entry Visa
US citizens need a visa to travel in Turkey. You may obtain this visa upon your arrival at the Istanbul airport. The fee is $ 20 in US currency for the USA citizens. The visa is valid for three months. When you come out of your plane please proceed to the Visa  Booth. before you get in line in the Immigration.  They only accept cash.

* Immigration and Baggage claim
After paying for your visa please proceed to police control. Baggage claim is immediately down the ramp after the police check. At the bottom of the ramp there is a monitor indicating where you will collect your luggage. If you need a cart, you will need to pay one US dollar cash to a person who stands by the carts. It will be nice if you have a change. The Melitour representative for transfer to the hotel will meet you out side the custom area.

* Meeting MELITOUR Representative for transfer to the hotel
After you collect your baggage, to leave the  customs area,  continue to the gate. There is only one gate , you can not miss it.
When you leave the gate, you will see many people waiting out side with signs.
It is very confusing to find MELITOUR sign among that crowd. SO PLEASE IGNORE THEM.
Keep walking to your LEFT.
Pass the ATM Machines
Pass the iINFORMATION desk.
In the ceiling there is a big white pointed sign  saying :MEETING POINT 1 (ONE)
Please meet the person who will meet you under that sign.

* Use the ATM or the Banks at the Air port
There are a number of ATMs and banks at that location. AFTER you meet the person who will pick you up from the air port, it is recommended that you use the ATM or banks to change money. Air port rates and city rates are identical.
The ATMs in Turkey  has numbers for pin codes nut letters. Before you leave the USA find out what your pin code is in numbers.

* Emergency info for the transfer
In case of unexpected delay or change of your  flight, should there be a problem in meeting the person who should be waiting for you at the airport please call Hotel Garden House at  Phone: +90 212 517 9111-12 or take a taxi to Hotel Garden House. Your taxi fare will be refunded.
You can also call 90 532 345 9987. If your driver have difficulty finding the hotel ask him to cal one of these numbers. The taxi costs apprx. 30 Turkish Liras ( apprx US$ 30,-)
Hotel Garden House ADDRESS:
Kucuk Ayosofya Mahallesi
Sehit Mehmet Pasa No:11/13
34400 Sultanahmet / ISTANBUL

* On Arrival at the hotel
If you need water , there is a  grocery shop on the corner of the street there is a grocery shop.
If you are staying in a double room, please make sure you leave your key at the reception at all times so that your room mate can get in the room as well. The tour will start at 05:00 pm at the lobby of the hotel. Please be on time.

* Pretour Arrangements
If you plan to arrive a few days before the tour to get over jet lag we can reserve a room at  the Garden House Hotel

Hotel Info



Garden House - ISTANBUL
Karballa    - GUZELYURT
Rumi          - KONYA
Mavi Gol   - EGIRDIR
Pam Hotel  - PAMUKKALE
Charisma De luxe - KUSADASI