Special Interest Tours

ITINERARY #1 GOCEK to ANTALYA ( Our favorite itinerary)

 The net price  for 8 people is US$           The price includes:
Transfer from Dalaman Air port to Gocek
Transfer from Antalya to Antalya Air port
7 Nights Gullet on Grand Kaptan Acar
Meals : 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners + 2 snacks a day
All you can drink Tea & Coffee
 Water with meals
 Champaign at sun set

Entrance fees for the ancient site visits
English speaking guide through out the tour
Harbor Charges


The Price does not include:
Air fare
Tip to the boat Crew
the drinks other than mentioned above

Day 01 Fly to Dalaman Air Port

Continue to Gocek.

Get on the boat in time for afternoon tea time

Sail to Bedri Rahmi Bay

Overnight at Cleopatra Bay.

Dinner on the Boat
  • Generally flights out of the USA arrives in Istanbul by noon. From Istanbul, there is a flight to Dalaman Air port at 14:00 hrs. The flight is one hour. Melitour can buy your domestic flight tickets. It is cheaper to buy the domestic tickets locally.

  • Dalaman is an international air port with lots of international flights originating from England, Germany, France and Switzerland. If you like you can fly via one of these cities in Europe to avoid Istanbul. That will save you time as well.

  • From Dalaman Air port Transfer to the gullet ( 30 minutes to Gocek from the air port)

  • Meet our excellent crew on board our boat Kaptan Grand Acar . Before we can over come the excitement of being on this beautiful Gullet,, we will be on our way to a wonderful experience.

  • Stop at a bay where the blue color of the Mediterranean is got patches of green with the reflection of the 100 year old pine trees growing right on the edge of the water.

  • Bedri Rahmi was a prominent painter and poet of Turkey. He had painted a big fish on a big rock in this bay thus his name was given to this open air art gallery

  • Cleopatra Bay got its name from the Roman Bath submerged partially in the sea.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If your clients want to arrive in Istanbul a day before you start the yacht tour, we can arrange for hotel/transfer and even  a short site seeing for them in Istanbul. Then they can fly to the boat early in the morning to start their day on the water earlier. In that case we can add a lunch on the boat for day 1.

Day 02

Sail to Gemiler Island

Visit Gemiler Island ruins A wonderful hike to the top of the Island.

Opportunity for water ski ( not included)

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat

  • We will strongly recommend your clients to be up early this morning to see the stunning shadows of the trees reflecting in the water at sun rise.

  • The secrets of the ancient deities still lie hidden in the secluded coves and bays around the Gulf of Fethiye . We will sail out of Gocek to discover the wonders of the Bay of Fethiye

  • At GEMICILER ISLAND stands Byzantine city with all of its grandeur You can swim to the ruins or take a walk in the rocky shores where black goats enjoy eating the bay leaves and sage.

  • We will stay overnight by the Island. We will celebrate the sun set at the peak of this island


Day 03

Early departure for Kas Kalkan
this will take us all day
overnight at Kas. Visit the town of Kas. Visit the ancient theater which looks right into the Mediterranean.

Sail in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean. The mornings are generally very calm. It feels like even the wind does not want to wake you up from the beautiful dream that you would be having under the millions of stars in the evenings. But the boat will already be on its way to another breath taking scene when you wake up today. You are now sailing at the coast of the Lycians. The "People from the Sea" as the archaeologists call them, had found this shore and the mountains suitable for their nature. With the uninterrupted horizon of the sea and the unconquerable peeks of the mountain, this land homed these free soul people for one thousand years. The Lycians must have used the perfumes from the tangerines and necklaces made from the mountain flowers.
After visiting Kalkan overnight at a quiet bay walking distance to Kas. With out the noise of the city , we will enjoy  an opportunity to walk to the ruins and the harbor of this fishing village

Day 04

Visit Kekova
Karakos( Salyangoz)


No matter how far away we tie our boat from Kale, we will wake up with the chorus of roosters crowing. Probably like every body else who hear these roosters we too will wonder what sort of roosters these are making such an incredible off tuned symphonic music. Sail to the Sunken city of Kekova.

Overnight at Karakos( Salyangoz)

Day 05

Kocakadinin yeri
Kale ucagiz

Sail to the beautiful bay of Gokkaya.
The  Hellenistic wall surrounds the Seljukian fortress which casts a shadow onto the Lycian tombs surrounding the village houses It truly is a legendary location for seeing the History of Anatolia at this far corner of the country.

Day 06

Ceneviz Limani

The Mediterranean Pirates found this cove as a perfect refuge. The setting is so complete with the images of his time that the only thing missing is the pirates themselves. 

Day 07



If the Mediterranean pirate stories would not interest you, Phasalis is worth visiting to be able to imagine the visits of the 2nd Century Roman Emperor Hadrian. In the privacy of this bay, you will be amazed how pine trees grow right out of the sea.

After lunch and swim stop our little dingy will take us off to the shore of a city
which takes its name after the home of Zeus and his family. Very appropriately named city Olympos leaves no doubt in any body's mind that it is the home of the Gods and Goddesses.

The ruins hidden in the depth of thick vegetation make you feel like they are playing hide and seek with you when they pop out in front of you with now warning in the utmost grandeur.
Overnight at the boat Kemer

Day 08 Departure Transfer to Antalya air port and fly to Istanbul

You can either catch your international flight the same day or stay overnight in Istanbul and catch the flight the next day.

Important note: There are many international flights departing from Antalya to many different European cities. If you like you can fly from a European city to Dalaman and fliy out of Antalya to a European city and avoid Istanbul all together.