23 May 2011 MONDAY, Day 12 PAMUKKALE

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we could hear the pounding on the copper several streets before we could see the copper shops.
The pots were huge. These were used to have ceremonial feasts for weddings and for those who returned from military service.

The weight of  each pot was written on the pot. A 150 ear old pot was squeezed among the huge new pots. The copper smith said that he would never sell this pot since it was the only thing he had acquired from his great grand father. He estimated that this pot was more than 150 years old.
We focused on the new pots again.









We learned the technique of how  copper pieces are welded together. Nather ordered the tool which was used to cut dents in the copper. They promised to find the tool in half an hour. We then all went our way to explore more of the market.

The spring was  here!! The poppy fields were  all in bloom. some were all white with one or two purple flowers among the whole or there was a white flower among  a whole field of purple poppies. There were innumerable number of shades of green all around us. We stopped at the cave not to far away from Pamukkale.  it was like the indoor version of Pamukkale.
After we checked in our fancy hotel, we  took a walk in Hierrapolis. some hiked up to the theater, some dipped their feet in the warm waters. It was a great way of ending the day.

In the evening, spa pool and dancing were popular while few tour members prefer to have an early evening.

Every one seem like having good time!


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