15 May 2011 Sunday, Day 04 Urfa
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After the rain last night, the clear blue sky was a pleasant surprise. We all sat around the courtyard enjoying the view of the Mesopotamia stretching in to the horizon. Will quickly made an arrangement to have a group picture. Arranging the table chair, setting the camera... It all worked well and we had our happy moment immortalized.

The 2 hour bus ride was much appreciated by those who were still jet lagged. The nature was beautiful. The wild flowers spread around every shade of green. The pistachio trees  were in bloom with red flowers.

Our first stop was Gobekli Tepe, a hill top  crowned with a wish tree . The 12000 year old temples were built on the rock bed  of the hill.  The general plan was  monolithic blocks imitating human body were standing in a circle. the huge blocks were adorned with the relieves of  various animal images.

It was hard to believe that these temples were where people worshiped 12000 ears before our time.














When we got off from the bus it was raining. when we reached the top the clouds were  changing color from black to cotton white and the sun started lighting up the wild flowers. Some of us in the group got allergy attacks. thanks to Amy's first aid kit, we recovered before we got to


We had lunch at a small restaurant and we continued to the Syrian border.

There was no traffic on the border. Obviously the political situation in Syria had affected the trade.

After lunch we had baklava. For the few baklavas left, Nathen started a game to decide who will get the last  three baklavas.

Harran looked like a village from the time of Abraham. It felt like he might come around the corner with the crowds that  had followed him from this city, Harran to Canaan.

After we stopped for tea at a traditional Harran style house, we visited Ibrahim's Family. the 6 year old Aynur  sold us her post cards.
The transaction made her very happy but she had work hard. She had to learn what the pictures were on her post cards.


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Day 05