August 02 - August 18, 2011
M  O  N  G  O  L  I  A
Gobi , Altay Mountains & Hovds Gull Tour
Group Journal 

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Sana, our driver in Gobi desert

Being in Mongolia is endurance test for long bumpy roads, smelling the endless grassland competing with the perfumes of Paris, not getting over the wonderful feeling of solitude with every white ger we see spotting the mountains, riversides and the desert. Being in Mongolia is  listening to the sounds of "silence" in nature,  touching the history of thousands of years, tasting the unique flavors, and  appreciating the nature which has full command over lives of people.

Nine people all decided to have this experience and met in Ulaan Baatar  to get their  dream come true for visiting this remote part of our beautiful world. We met people, heard monks chanting, saw brides being honored with bread and cheese as their wedding gift. We wanted to keep record of  our experience in this short journal.

I want to thank every one who made this tour possible and had contributed to keeping the record of our learning experience.

                 Meli Aug. 5, 2011
             Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia



Bolora, our Mongolian guide

Our drivers in Hovdsgul Lake







Our Driver for Karakourum


Our Drivers in Altay mountains


The  map of the tour

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