The Blue Voyage
In The Mediterranean
Stylish & Comfortable

Turkish Coast  : Fethiye - Marmaris - Fethiye 
7 nights - 8 Days



32 mt

8 mt
2 X 450 = 900 hp IVECO
320 m2
24V - 12 - 220 V
33 Kwa
Outboard Engine
70 hp Evinrude
4,20 Joker / 3,60 Fiber 15 Yamaha
Fresh water tank
8 tons available
Dirty water tank
4 tons available
Diesel tank
4 tons available
General corditions
All cabins are with air condition, fishing equipment, TV music system, hot water, ce maker, GPS, radar, life boat(for 25 person)
Cabin conditions
8 master cabins.2 single bed.all cabins are with WC and shower cabin.
  •  What is the ideal tour length?  
     7 nights on the boat + the day of departure best be calculated as 1 extra day.
    However, we can arrange satisfactory itineraries for shorter/longer periods of  time depending on the request of the clients.
  •  How many cabins on the boat ?
    There are 8 cabins on our boat
    : 6 double ( 6 Queen size Beds) and 2 triple rooms ( 1 Queen size 1 Single Bed )
    The crew have their own boarding section on the boat, you will see the crew only as much as we need them to be around.
  •  How many people can be on board Grand Acar ?
     In Greece : The maximum number of people inboard can not exceed 12 pax
     In Turkey: The maximum number of passangers can be 18 pax
  •  What are the facilities of the rooms like?
    The cabins all have private bathroom and showers. The
    living areas of the boat and the rooms are air conditioned.
  •  How crowded we will feel on the boat?
     The very large living room of Grand Acar has
    comfortable divans. The sunning beds both in the rear of the boat and the front of the boat allow every one on board comfortable wide space to lay down. There are also more sunning beds on the roof of the boat.
  •  Have you had experience with having kids on board?
     We love having kids on board. The kids love us too!!

  • Will the meals be served on board?
    We like spending the evenings in remote bays and try to avoid the lights and sounds of noisy restaurants, beach clubs and marinas. So eating on board becomes the best choice. The cook of the yacht is superb. We will have excellent examples of the Turkish/Mediterranean Cuisine. Should the tour members insist eating out, we can certainly in certain places, facilitate their request as well. ( Your preference of HB/BB/FB will be indicated in the included items of the quotation)
  •  Can we bring our own provision and have the chef cook for us?
      Certainly this can be an option.
  • Will the drinks be included in the tour price?
    Tea, and coffee served all day long and water served with meals are included in the price . The alcoholic drinks and the soft drinks are not included in the price. There will be a chart for the drinks. When the clients ask for a drink they will mark under the drink they ordered. At the end of the tour, they will pay for what they have consumed.
  • Can we give a list of drinks we like to have on board?
    The clients can give us a list of type of drinks they like to have on board. We will provide every thing for them.
  • Will there be snacks available on board?
    Yes, there will be snacks served between breakfast and lunch and  late afternoon.
  •  If we have eating restrictions i,e vegetarians, wheat or milk restrictions, can this be handled?
    Absolutely no problem as long as we know it in advance


  •  Are there towels on board?
    Yes, there are towels on board. Melitour provides the clients hand woven Turkish Bath towels ( Pestemal ) to be used for drying up after swimming. At the end of the tour the clients are welcome to take these pestemals back with them as a memoir of their excellent tour.
  •  Is getting down to the water from the yacht difficult?
    No, it is not. there is a very stable 7-step ladder that help you walk down into the water. If you need help, the crew can happily assist you.
  • Are we allowed to wear shoes on board?
    The Captain requests no shoes to be worn on board unless you have just boat shoes

  • If we bring our own music, can we play it?
    There is a CD player, you can bring your own CDs if you like.
  • Will we have opportunity to go ashore?
    The best part of cruising along the Turkish coast is that we always sail along the beautiful shore where the leaves of the trees in the forests hand their branches as if trying to hold the hand of the sea. This shore line is spotted with many ancient sites. On our tour we will make sure that we enjoy the antiquities hidden in the trees and discover the goat paths that are unreachable from the main land by road.

  •  Is there a dingy that we can use if  we want to go ashore?  
    Yes, there is a dingy that holds 5 people. One of the crew will happily take you off the boat whenever you want

  •  Are there are snorkels, flippers and goggles on board?
    Yes, there are sufficient number of all these. The flippers are for shoe size 37 - 44.
  •  Do you have any traditions on board?
    Depending on the preference of the clients these might change. However, some of our most popular traditions on board are
    1. Celebrating the sun set with Champaign
    2. Cooking class on board
    3. At least for once, the captain throws the net at night so we can have fish that we catch our selves.
    4. We play / teach backgammon
    5. We let our clients steer the wheel
  • Should we worry about sea creatures such as sharks etc?
    No, not at all. the Turkish coast has very friendly waters. One disadvantage of this do not expect to find to much of a underwater life as you would have in the Caribbean's or the Red Sea.

  •  What will the weather be like in June?
    There will be a nice breeze in the afternoon. The evenings will  be cool but if any body likes to sleep on the deck under the starts you can do it with a light bed cover ( Available in board)
    Sea temperature will be around 76 F  during the day it will be average of 85 F. In June we do not expect any rain nor any clouds.



  •  What activities can we do on board Grand Acar?
    You can hike, paddle, take photographs or you can even do water ballet.

  • Will there be an English Speaking Person On board?
     For Melitour tours, Melitour always provides a professional  English Speaking guide on all of our tours as this is company principle and required by the Turkish Minister of Tourism and culture. In fact, the owner of Melitour, Meli or Asli accompanies the yacht tours personally. If it is not a MELITOUR tour, the English speaking guide is an extra charge.
  • Are the prices given net or does it include agency commission?
    The prices quoted will be net prices. They will NOT include agency commission.
  •  How many crew will there be?
    Ahmet Captain has a wonderful staff: Mehmet with a big smile, Chef Mehmet who obviously adds love to what he cooks and Gokhan who is there for you all the time.
  • Does Grand Acar Sail?