April 20, 2005 - May 04, 2005

Day 13
May 2,  2005 Kusadasi, Turkey
The text and the picture is submitted by
Laraine Ferguson  e mail

A small group goes back to Ephesus for an early morning shoot. Then a quick visit to a tile showroom for some last minute shopping and were off to visit Meliís farm. A dream of a kitchen that is being built by Meli herself- we are in awe of her talents. A domed ceiling with green tiles, a curved bathroom, beautiful flowered green tiles to mix with the red stone rocks. We are all looking forward to the day when it is finished and the cooking classes start.

More shopping- this time at the Arvalya leather shop. A fashion show featuring our own models, Gerry and Elaine wearing the latest fur looks.

On to Meliís summerhouse in Kusadasi where we had a pashmina show which of course incited more shopping. Tea and dessert on Meliís patio next to the pool, a tour of her fabulous house and meeting her sister, daughter, mother, brother in-law and dog Zelli made for a relaxing afternoon. Sunset over the Aegean and then dinner at a seafood restaurant completed the day.