July19, Wednesday -Aug 3, Thursday 2006

Day 01 July 19 , 2006 Wednesday

Meet at the lobby at 05.00 PM
Visit the Blue Mosque - A 17th Century monument built to immortalize  Sultan Ahmet.
Dinner at the roof top of a renevated 18th Century Ottoman house. Make sure you have your camera with you for the stunning view of Aya Sophia and blue Mosque, the Sea of Marmara nad Asia
Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya

Day 02
July 20, 2006 Thursday
not included in the tour price)
Leave the hotel at 08:45 Walk to the Byzantine Hippodrome.Visit the Basilica Cistern and Aya Sophia, After lunch visit Dolma Bahce Palace, the palace which stands as a symbol f "Westernization" of the Ottoman Empire in mis 19th Century.
Dinner at a fish restaurant. Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya.

Day 03 July 21, 2006 Friday

Today we will experience the Byzantine History living in Istanbul. We will start the day with a visit to the
Rum patriarchate. After Lunch , visit Kariye cami ( Chora Church) Istanbul as Constantinople was where the Byzantines accepted Christianity as the state religion 1700 years ago. The imperial recognition of Christianity can best be seen at the breathtaking mosaics of Chora Church. Enjoy the earliest interpretations of Nativity, Dormission, Resurrection and Jesus the Creator.
For the royalty, the entrance to the city of Constantine was  the Golden Gate at the Seven Towers. We will visit the site to see how Byzantines and the Ottomans had made different use of this site.
Dinner at the Bosphorous. Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya

Day 04 July 22, 2006 Saturday
We will take an early morning flight to Cappadocia. We will
arrive at Kayseri ( Ceaseria) (The city of St. Basil of Caesarea 329 – 379 AD)  at 0900 and drive to Cappadocia. ( 1hour 15 minutes) We will be in the region where Gregory of Nyssa was born. Cappadocia where cliff dwellings and several hundred churches are hollowed out of the of the cones which are eroded remnants of volcanic land. Frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible or the Apocrypha are amazingly well preserved. Enjoy Rural Byzantine art
Dinner & Overnight at Museum Hotel in Uc Hisar

Day 05 July 23, 2006Sunday

Immerse into the depths of Cappadocia to understand how the early Christians lived and worshiped in the land where the seeds of Christianity were planted by St. Paul. Visit the locals in their houses. Witness the local craft at potters wheel and at carpet makers looms. Opportunity to buy the best Turkish carpets.
Dinner & Overnight at Museum Hotel in Uc Hisar

Day 06  July 24, 2006 Monday
Visit the underground city of Kaymakli
Visit the churches scattered in the Ihlara valley and the churches (385 AD) of
Gregory of Nazianzus,Aya Anargiros and  Gregorios Teologos
Dinner and Overnight at Hotel Karballa

Day 07 July 25, 2006 Tuesday
Visit the most stunning monastery of GUMUSKESEN  where there is a fabulous fresco of smiling Virgin Mary . Drive through the Cilician Gates, just like Paul and his disciples did. Continue to Antakya (Antioch on the Orentes) This is where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians (Acts 11:26) It was from the Church in Antioch that Paul and Barnabas started their first journey and to which Paul returned from both his first and second journeys.
Dinner at anadolu Restaurant , fameous with their local dishes. Overnight at Antakya,
Hotel Antik Beyazit

Day 08 July 26, 2006 Wednesday
Visit St. Peter's church and the fabulous Mosaic Museum which clearly displays the glamour of Antioch of St. Paul's time. After lunch drive to the Monastary of St Simon
Dinner at Daphne Overnight at Hotel Antik Beyazit

Day 09 July 27, 2006 Thursday
After visiting the city, TARSUS, where Paul was born . Visit  Toprak Kale  Sis, Tarsus Armenian Church
Dinner and overnight at Mersin Hilton Hotel

Day 10 Silifke July 28, 2006 Friday
To day we will visit grand ancient cities: Sabastiapolis and  Kanli Divane
Overnight at Lades hotel in Silifke

Day 11July 29, 2006 Saturday
Trip to ala Klise in Mut
Aya Tekla’s monastery
Overnigt in Silifke

This will be the best Day of the tour!!
Incredible huge churches of the Earliest Byzantine Era all in superb condition!!

Baptismal fonts of the 6th Century!!!

Day 12 July 30, 2006 Sunday
Ferry to Cyprus Lusignan palace, the shipwreck museum, the monastery of Bellapais and the castle of St. Hilarion..

Day 13 July 31, 2006 Monday
riving through Nikosia, there is the Gothic cathedral and Bedistan and then to Magusta to the old town., a visit to ancient Salamis

Day 14 Aug 1 , 2006 Tuesday
Ferry back to Turkey Anamurium ( not just the castle but a huge city superb)
Overnight in Side

Day 15 Aug 2 , 2006 Wednesday
Side, Perge Aspendos
Evening flight to Istanbul Overnight in Istanbul

Day 16 Aug 3, 2006 Thursday
Fly Back to the USA

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