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With Meli and Haji
   Submitted By Mary and Jerry  Day 03 Volubilis Fes

Today we visited King Moulla Ismailís immense graineries. These graineries were ingeniously designed. Tiny windows, massive walls, and a system of under floor water channels kept the grain for King Ismailís 12,000 horses perfectly. Next we visited the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, a very restful, peaceful, and beautiful place. Enroute, Haji
(our local guide) gave us a history of the Jews in Morocco. Though they were welcome in Morocco since 1492, many of them migrated to the U.S. and Canada. The Jews that remained, were not allowed to work in local industries, so they took over the Salt trade. These were Jews that were kicked out of Spain. They excelled in the Salt trade and expanded to other trades.

The late morning was spent in the very comfortable Souk of Meknes, exploring candies, fruits, yard goods etc. Beautiful variegated colors to be seen everywhere. After lunch we gather in our van with our superb driver, Abdul for the ride to Fes . On the way we visit the ancient Roman site of Volubilis, a World Heritage Site. It has many beautiful columns and especially fine mosaic tile floors. We arrive in Fes for the night early in the evening.



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