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G R O U P    J O U R N A L
2009      M O R O C C O       T O U  R

With Meli and Haji
   Monday Nov. 08, 2009  - Sunday Nov. 21, 2009


 I asked the group what they were hoping to get out of the tour when started  the tour in Casablanca.  The common wish was to meet and interact with  the Moroccan people and to learn more about the culture of this country.

We went through the verdant valleys of Meknes, the rocky fields between the High Atlas mountains and the
Anti Atlas mountains, we traveled over the bridges stretched over dry river beds, and we saw the Argan trees dying of lack of water. We climbed the sand dunes of Sahara and dipped our feet in the wild surfs of Atlantic ocean.

However, at the end of the tour, we have all decided that what we would remember most of our tour is the Moroccon PeopleArabs, The Berbers,  and the Tuaregs and their incredible culture that reflects in their hand crafts.

I thank every one who made this tour into a very memorable experience. Our driver, Abdul, was wonderful. Our guide, Hadji,  has been the joy of the tour. The tour members Julia, Pat, Paul, Lynn, Mary, Jerry, Nancy, Tom, Mat and Erica were like a big family.
Nancy was in a wheel chair through out the tour. Here is her story
Thank you every one also for putting this journal together.



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