2010 Morocco Tour Group Journal

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Day 04  Fes  11 November 2010 Thursday  Submitted by Joan Hohnstadt                                                                                                                                                                           

The vehicles of Fes

The flowers
of Fes

The Panoroma

The day started with a stop at the Panorama hill of Fes

We are looking dowm to the 9th century Medina

Mellah of Fes-  The Jewish quarter

 The Jews who escaped from Spain in 1492 had started salt business.The Jews were called mellah meaning the salt merchants.

Another palace of the King in the Andalusian  neighborhood

The colors of the 13 hundred year old city, Fes



The talented hands of the craftsmen creating wonders

Joan made it to the top of the restaurant

Fes Food Foibles:
 Is it yogurt or crème de la cheese?
For desert, Carl chose vanilla pudding ...... lots of it! Guess what? It was a bowl of  mayonnaise!
Food quote by Cathy Cowman :
"The food is as beautiful here as the architecture"
( Incidentally the group is taking bets as to how many times Cathy will use the word "beautiful" during our trip)
Another of Cathy's quotes: "While winding through the narrow lanes of the souk..." "we are not in Kansas any more!"
Bath tubs in paradise....
Carl says,"It is the first time he has taken a shower in  skateboard position !"

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