2010 Morocco Tour Group Journal

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Day 03  Meknes  Volubilis Fes  10 November 2010 Wednesday  Submitted by Carl Hohnstadt

Meli was too busy doing the journal.
She for got about the departure time.
Our departure was 15 minutes late .
It was fine with all of us. We had more
time to use the bath room.

We drove the busy streets of Meknes.
We are heading towards the Stables of Moulla Ismail

Our our way, we passed through the Jewish Quarter of the city. The Jews have been living in Morocco since 1492. When they were deported from Spain in inquisition, most of the Jews found refuge in Morocco

The storks of Meknes are resting on the ancient city walls after a long migration flight from Turkey and Holland.

Moulla Ismail who moved the capital from Marakesh to Meknes

was confronted with the anger of the Berber tribes of the Atlas Mountains.

To defend himself, he built an army of 12000 horses

This is the stable where the biggest war machine of the 16th century was watered and fed.

The 17th century earth quake knocked down the stable

the spiders have been enjoying the ruined building

the restoration is on its way

Carolyn is very happy to find a rest room in this huge stable !!
Our next stop is the Mosoleum of Moulla Ismail.
Our guide Rashid told us that the flat clean stone in the mihrab is used for ablution if there is no water to do the Islamic ritual of cleaning,
The Souk of Meknes is the most orderly market that one can see. It seems like the shop keepers are all obsessive compulsive.


Olives, candies, vegetables, spices are all sorted out according to their colors and arranged in the most appealing color combinations.


The least popular site was where they were selling the heads of the animals.

Another great lunch at a stunning setting

Every one else is in the Rest room. Thank you Jim for holding every thing for us!!
We will leave for Volibulis now



Carl called Winnie, Cathy and Carolyn
' The Golden Girls"

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