September 22 - October 10, 2011
Group Journal
Day 09 Macedonia-
Brajchino Village Sept. 30, 2011 Friday
Hotel : 
30.09.2011 Brajchino, Macedonia  traditional village house in Brajchino village

Click here for  Day 10 Oct. 01, 2011 Saturday Ohrid , Macedonia

When we started the day on our bus the sun was barely rising behind the hill. the lake was still in the shade of the mountain. The church which was  on the shore of the lake generally stands in water  we were told. but this year they are having drought so the church was way out in the fields.


On the way to Ohrid, we passed by several rivers and lakes. the mountain villages had ottoman style minarets and the villages reminded me of Anatolian villages. This country is not denying the 500 year of Ottoman presence here.

When we saw a church roof on the slope of the hill, we were told that it was a women's monastery. We definitely wanted to see the church. Stefan arranged a visit.


A beautiful nun made sure we were properly dressed before we went  in to the church. We were all impressed with the nun. Her english was amazing. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. Her kindness reflected on her face. We were very happy with our  visit. Even the garden looked like had a touch of a woman. It was neat and immaculately clean.

When it was our coffee break time, we stopped at a lovely garden. October sun was very generous.
The group was happy and looking forward to our village stop for this evening.



Back to our bus to drive to Ohrid. When we stopped to take the picture of the river pouring in to the lake, I noticed a tiny shop which  had a photo of Ataturk. It is so nice that my mentor. my hero is honored out side of Turkey too.
For lunch we will try a BOREKCI - Macedonian pastry. When we found enough chairs to sit, we savored the borek

Our next stop was the Ohrid fortress. The Roman theater looked like it was hugging the modern city.
Our guide at the church was a character. She obviously loved her church and she made us admire the church too.



The boys were in the tree and the old men were enjoying the shade of the 500 ear old tree.

We all liked Ohrid but tonight we have an interesting experience waiting for us: we will spend the evening in a village.
The dinner was cooked by a grandma and her grand daughter. After an excellent meal we all went to the village houses that we will be guest for the evening.

When we went to the house where we would spend the evening the smell of the roasting red pepper welcomed us.
The wood stoves in the garden and the one in side the house were completely covered with peppers.

Anita got the room with the crib, Penny and Jo Ann were in the kid's room


Click here for  Day 10 Oct. 01, 2011 Saturday Ohrid , Macedonia