April 18, 2011 Monday
Day 06  Damascus
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The Damascus Palace hotel was an old house with a lovely court yard.
We had an early breakfast to get out at 09:00. Every one was excited to explore this old city
As we were walking towards the Ummaad mosque, we saw a han which was now being used as an art gallery.

The Iranian Shiites were on pilgrimage. They were traveling with their babies.


There was space at the mosque for the kids to run around as if they were at a play ground, for mothers to nurse their babies, for the imams to give their sermons and  for those seeking for solitude , quiet place to pray.


One of the holiest sites in Islam is the Umayyad Mosque. Built in early eighth  century on the former site of a roman temple dedicated to Jupiter. the vast rectangular structure is celebrated for its green and gold mosaics, and for the Islamic figures buried there.  Just above the north wall is the mausoleum of Saladin, the celebrated medieval leader who fought the  and defeated the Crusaders.  In the east wing, black-clad pilgrims pay  their respect at the silver coffin of the Siite martyr Hussein, the grandson of the Profit Mohammed, whose murder in AD 680 cemented the great Shiite - Sunni split.   Though the majority of Syrian people are Sunnis, they too take pride in having the  shrine of a Shiite leader here.


The Hamidiye grand bazaar was very colorful and full of contrasts. There were sexiest looking underwear next to black cadirs that most women wear

Entrance to the national Archaeological Museum

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