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G R O U P    J O U R N A L
2009     M O R O C C O       T O U  R

With Meli and Haji
   Submitted By .Lynn and Paul Day 01 Casablanca

Days 1 & 2
Itís All About Introductions

Meli - The Chief, as in  
Saba Hail Heer (Paulís phonetics)

Haj - Color commentary,
local expert, "facilitator"

 "Yes, yes, yes my Chief"  

Hajjii, may I have
 the microphone, please?"


Saba Hail Nor

Saba Hail Wad-der
Goood morning
Ladies and Gentlemen


Abdul - Kind, gracious,
the picture says it all


Introduction - to scale (the Kingís assumptions, much, many and large) and to exquisite detail that we would see everywhere.

"Ladies and Gentlemen...
look straight way here...
we come here...
to Hassanís mosque...
look straight away here...
on the right side here...
itís the third largest mosque in the world."
25,000 for prayers (23,000 men and 2,000 women

The Travelers
Tom, Julia, Nancy, Paul, (Haj), Pat, Lynn,
Erika, Matt, Mary, Jerry

Introduction -
to Anfa - the blanca of Casablanca and to Hajjiiís interest in beautiful houses."Ladies and Gentlemen...look straight way the right side here and the left side here...this is the white houses of Casablanca...on the left side here a very large and a very big house here on the left side and the right side...this very beautiful one on the left side has 3-4 swimming pools, owned by the mayor" (consular, etc.).

The Only Church(?)


Introduction - to "all the Kings horses and all the kings men" - houses too - see next page...

First Medina
The "New One"




                             First Tea
Graciously done

Jerry's Photo

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