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2009     M O R O C C O       T O U  R

With Meli and Haji
   Submitted By Lynn and Paul  Day 02 Rabat Meknes

A Day 2 Introduction - to the annual summer migration from the desert to the sea:"Ladies and Gentlemen...look straight way the right side here and the left side here...we see large and beautiful houses... some people, they come here from Marrakech, here...June July August here...because all factories close...temperatures sometimes of 45..."

The Unfinished Mosque - As described by our own color comentator Hajjii, it was to rival in size the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the mosque of Samarra in Iraq...Oh well, el-Mansour died too soon and then the earthquake came...beautiful in its own way, none-the-less.




Color-Coordinated Communities - the first in a long line of color coordinated towns (why is still a bit of a mystery). This one, however, is the only red one as we discover later.




2nd Lunch - same as the first, only better     (at least the fish, only Erika knows about the chicken). Fish soon to disappear from the diet for awhile.

All The King’s Things -
On day 1 we saw some of the king’s horses and one of his houses. Today it was some of the King’s guards and another of his walls (houses...err...palaces are not seen so we are now clear on). But none-the-less an impressively long wall (stopping for pictures not advised, see the note on guards).


  First Kasbah - A beautiful blue and white introduction to the Kasbah, and the explanation of the otherwise hard to distinguish differences from a Medina. (note how nicely Meli’s color choices fit in today).

The Well-Finished Mausoleum
of Mohammed V -
beautiful Moroccan details and informal guards








More and even better detail and decoration - even at a rest stop/coffee house.

Dallas Texas (area), circa 2025 - Notice the resemblence of the mature cork tree "orchards" of the now successful company - Pat & Julia’s Texas Cork Company to those we saw on leaving Rabat (including wildlife).








Dinner in Meknes - in a beautifully restored house with excellent lamb tagine, but the only restaurant in Marocco without wine - still an excellent evening.































Reflection Photos from Paul
* The Stables *


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