Group Journal April 15, 2013 - May 8, 2013

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Day 05 April 19, 2013 Friday Thessalonica, Greece

Itinerary: Explore the city : Archeological museum, Central market, embroidery and braid shops , the white tower. The sea front coffee houses will be  great locations to spend the free time during the siesta time. Greece has hardly any thing open in the afternoon. So we will get used to the Greek time and pace while is  this pleasant city. Those who like to see  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 's house  will be welcomed to join Meli to visit this house. Overnight Thessalonica. We will not include the dinner tonight since Thessalonica has innumerable restaurants and excellent choice of food. Overnight at ABC HOTEL very centrally located.

 We started at 09:00 O'clock. When Athina found out that the driver had gone to the wrong hotel, we decided to walk to the museum not to loose time, On one of the wide avenues of Thessaloniki, we marched to the museum. The display started with the relics which have been returned to the museum from other countries.The museum was very well designed, not only with a great exhibition of the relics but also understandable information.






The trade was carried on by either mules of carts.

Hair Styles of the ladies indicated their social status

Not only the hair styles
were different .

the garments were
designed according the
social status of the


Weaving textiles and tools were developed by the 11th century.
The spun will was woven on the looms. the weights were used to keep the warp straight.









After the excellent museum visit we took a coffee break at the cafe under the museum.

It is now time to see more of the city

Thessaloniki is built on a grid system. The apartment buildings start from the sea side. there is absolutely not one spot to park your car. Every building has a shop or two built at the ground level.

The winding roads reaches up to the top of the city where castle stands ever since the city was established. Every conqueror had added  their style of wall. with it's seven towers it is called " Yedi Kule" - a Turkish phrased given to the fortress.


The white tower is the symbol of the cit. It was an Ottoman Prison

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