Group Journal April 15, 2013 - May 8, 2013

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Day 07 April 21, 2013 Sunday
Pella, Vergina ,  Makrgialos, Greece
 Three ancient capitals of Ancient Macadonia

ITINERARY: Early in the morning , Drive to Pella (home of Alexander the Great (original capital of Macedonia) Visit the unlooted tombs opened in 1977…tomb 2 believed to be that of Alexander the Great ’s  father. Tour the two museums…historically important .  In Pydna, late afternoon , visit the home of Laura and her husband Theo for coffee and a few treats…Dr. Theodore Antikas, visiting professor at the Dept. of History, Univ. of Washington and his wife Laura Wynn. They will give a presentation on the history of the Macedonian kingdom from the 1st millennium BC to the present. Possible to also meet a friend of theirs researching ancient fabrics of Greece. Go to dinner after visit. Overnight in Makrgialos . Laura’s e-mail is:lwynn@otenet.gr and Theo Antikis is antikwyn@otenet.gr
Makrygialos:  Hotel Achillion  http://achillionhotel.com.gr  
Tel: 0030 2353041210 and 41356 
This hotel is right on the waterfront and a very short walk to all the restaurants.  It is also  a 10 minute walk from Laura and Theo's home. 

Short after we left the hotel, we stopped at the arch of Galerius.The road used to go through the arches and reached the huge round building which was
used as a church after the Roman era and was converted to a mosque during the 500 years of Ottoman presence in Thessaloniki. When we walked down
the steps of this impressive and grand building we saw that it was  now again being used as a church. The mosaics in the ceiling, the acoustics and
 the grandness of the building, gave me a feeling of a mystic location.










The group had noticed a cafe named Meli. We had our laughs. Out first stop is the Capital city of the Kingdom of Alexander the Great, Pella. Alexander was born in this city.The archaeological site was closed to the visitors because of the excavations but the museum was great. It was hard to believe that a man who was born in this tiny town could conquer all the known world 24 hundred years before our time.


In the most luxirous houses the splendid mosaic decoration of the floors was in most cases matched by the painted mural decorations.  On the second floor there is a row of white pillars and red parapets, surmounted by a cornice and above the parapets the blue of the sky


























  The next stop was Vergina.. After a usual huge lunch with salad, baked beans cooked in small earthen pots, stuffed grape leaves, home made delicious bread, cheese and more, we walked down to the royal tombs of the father of Alexander the Great. The museum was built around the tombs which were originally covered with earth making the home shaped tombs look like one huge tumulus. The treasures found in the tombs which were luckily never been broken in by the looters revealed the most exquisite  gold work and the purple cloth which was a wrap for the bones of Philip's one of 7 wives was the highlight of the museum. Unfortunately we were not allowed to photograph. so these images are taken in the souvenir shop across the street from the museum. We were met at the corner of the highway by Laura. We checked in to our hotel on the beach. We were the only visitors in the whole town of Makrgialos. Every one had the view of the sea. We had an exciting event waiting for us. We quickly left the hotel and droved a short distance to the small school in the middle of this tiny village. Including the mayor of the town, all the dignitaries were there to meet us with an excellent exhibition of woven and embroided textiles from their dowry chests. The village ladies had prepared homemade snacks and drinks for us.  The folkdance show of the young villagers  vas great. A professor from Thessaloniki gave us a slide presentation on "textile in archaeology". DR. KECHAGLAS DIMOSTHENIS TSIMISKI STREET 66, C.P. 546 22 THESSALONIKI, GREECE. PHONE: +30 693 806 0722  E-MAIL deniskechagias@yahoo.gr

 He was very warm, sweet knowledgeable person. We all loved to hear this amazing specialty. Of many things we learned from him is that the textiles could only survive hundreds and hundreds of years if they were mineralized. Our conversation with all of our hosts and hostesses continued over the dinner table. Laura's husband, Theo, who had put all this together made  sure that we had  10 times more food that we could consume on the table. After such a huge dinner, we all appreciated the walk back to our hotel.

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