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"The great mountains and forests trembled under the feet of the immortal Poseidon. He took three steps, reached Aigia on the fourth. He had a famous Palace at Aigia, in the depth of the sea, completely submerged under the waters, bright and shining, It never grew old, nothing was lacking"


The Aegean and the Mediterranean can be called the sea of legends. This is the result of the infinite beauty of nature. In the course of the centuries, man has exploited a large part of this beauty for his own ends. That is why we can observe the constant strength of civilization in both of these seas.

These waters were also the source of ecstasy and rapture. In fact they were well known to the powerful gods and goddesses of nature who danced and sang in the revels of Dionysos and to all the peoples of. the Aegean and the Mediterranean. They left evidence of all this to posterity by exploiting their skills to the full in every stone and every piece of marble they carved, in every mural they painted, in every inscription they wrote. The bays and the ancient cities bear not the faintest resemblance one to the other.

Discover the past of the Anatolian shore from the indigo of the Mediterranean.
In the Blue Voyage, one of the most important things is the choice of a place to spend the night.
Our captain, Ahmet, is great on finding a calm, quite bay while the passengers expect a beautiful prospect that begins with the sea and ends in the sky, or rather never ends at all. Those who can find vital pleasure in beauty can enjoy this trip to its full.

"There is color in nature.
There is music. There is pleasure.
There is the exuberance that fills the festivities.
Without it, would the flowers bloom?
Would people fall in love in spring?