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Weaving and Textiles

Learn about the Culture of Turkey and the History of Anatolia
through these crafts

10,000 years ago weaving started in ANATOLIA. Each warp and each weft for thousands of years were wrapped around each other with love, care, and passion. Turkish carpets, towels, kilims are witness to the thousands of years of this love affair. Turkey remains a country with traditional customs where one can observe the creation of crafts using centuries old methods.

Today’s nomad woman uses a drop spindle like the one her ancestors used in Biblical times. Turkey stands with one foot firmly rooted in the past and the second striding into the 21st century. Before the step is complete, visit traditional crafts people using centuries old methods to create items of daily living.

Tour Dates


Cost of this tour is US$ 3.200.-  See below for details.
Reserve seats on any tour without obligation.

Weaving and Textiles

 2004 Tour Handbook & 2001 Weaving tour Journal
For more details please read the  Tour hand book


September    Day 1 - Istanbul


Meet in the hotel lobby at 5 PM. After a short meeting visit the Blue Mosque followed by dinner at a nearby resturant located between two of the most impressive buildings in Istanbul - St. Sophia and the Blue Mosque.
Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya.


September   Day 2 - Istanbul

Our day will start with an astonishing site, the underground Basilica Cistern, built 1,500 years before our time. The Turkish Islamic Art Museum will be our first exposure to the crafts of a Muslim Culture. Carpets, woodwork, copper, gold, mother of pearl engraved works of art will give a different dimension to esthetics.

The role of women in different socio-economic groups of Anatolia will come alive in the displays of the ethnographic part of this museum which was given the Best Museum of Europe Award.

After lunch visit St. Sophia, the 6th century church dedicated to the wisdom of Jesus. Finish the day at Topkapi Palace.

Dinner in the Kumkapi district at a fish resturant chosen for its exotic ambiance. Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya.


September   Day 3 - Istanbul
Visit the Covered Bazaar ( the Grand Bazaar) which can best be described the oldest mall of the world.

Chora Church is an amazing mosaic museum which reflects the history of Christianity in an art form.

Lunch at an 19th Century building
After lunch take the ferry to Asian side of Istanbul to visit the batique artist Bedia Colak. As can be seen here she combined two art forms in her work. The Islamic decorative art of HAT finds expression on textile. Today we will have the pleasure of meeting another artist Mehmet Hamdi Eyuboglu,the famous artist of woodprinting.

Train to Ankara. In Turkey, trains are regarded as the most civilized mean of transportation. Your luggage will be with you in your compartments. Unless you chose to be single 2 people to a compartment. The train leaves at 10.30 Pm and arrives Ankara the next morning at 08.00 AM
Breakfast and Dinner included   


September   Day 4 - Ankara
visit the most beautiful museum of Turkey, the Anatolian Civilization Museum. This is a one of a kind museum, displaying 26 different civilizations. All the artifacts of these civilizations that have been excavated from Anatolia are in this museum.
Seeing it will give us a better understanding of the cultural and historic layers of the Anatolian civilization. After lunch we visit the mausoleum of Ataturk, the father of the Turks, then take a bus to Cappadocia over a beautiful country road for a taste of lovely Turkish landscapes and farms. Overnight at Museum Hotel.

September   Day 5 –Cappadocia
. Short sightseeing tour of Cappadocia, drive to Kayseri to visit one of the biggest carpet cooperative establishments to see dyes, carpet washing, design making and many more processes required before and after carpet weaving.
Visit carpet makers at their homes.
Return to Cappadocia to see and maybe buy the finished carpets of this cooperative.
Overnight at Cappadocia, Museum Hotel.


September  Day 6 – Cappadocia

Visit Goreme churches. After lunch visit local homes to see the dowery hope chests full of finished handmade items such as laces, towl edges, tablecovers, bed spreads, socks, and mittens knitted or embroidered. Watch a presentation of traditional pottery making. Visit spinners. Old kilim shopping opportunity.
Overnight at Cappadocia at Museum Hotel.

September   Day 7 – KONYA
Visit an underground city. Drive to the town which is in the shade of two volcanoes. Visit a caravansari on the ancient silk road. At night "Ut" recital and a chance to enjoy a private embroidery collection of 150-200 year old items.

September  Day 8 – KONYA CATALHOYUK
Visit Carpet Weavers and Catalhoyuk

September  Day 9 – Afyon
Drive via Afyon. We will see Mustafa prepare his felt shepard's coat which he claims will not even let a bullet go through. If you like you can stomp on it yourself. In Bayat visit a new kilim weaving center established as a cooperative to stop migration to the cities from the local villages.

September  Day 10 –Usak
Drive to Usak. Visit the kilim weavers in Esme  Overnight in Dulgeroglu Hotel

September   Day 11 Pamukkale
Visit the local Lydian Museum (one of its kind in the world).
Drive over the rolling hills and mountains to Pasalar village where every house weaves various colors of Turkish bath towels (Pestemal) on their old but sophisticated looms.
Overnight at Collesea Thermal Hotel

September  Day 12 – Selcuk
Visit one of the most complete ancient sites of Turkey, Aphrodisias.
Visit the weaver's village where people have been weaving for thousands of years.
Overnight at Selcuk
Hotel Kalehan


September    Day 13 – Selcuk

Dydima Miletus Ancient cities where pre Socratic Philosophies had flourished overnight at Selcuk Hotel Kalehan

September   Day 14 - Selcuk
Visit Sirince Village for traditional textiles  overnight at Selcuk Hotel Kalehan

September    Day 15 - Selcuk
Visit the local Ephesus Museum
The Grand Roman site, Ephesus and
Virgin Mary's House
Overnight at Selcuk,Hotel Kalehan.


September  Day 16  - Selcuk
The tour will be over after breakfast

Highly recommended tour extension
For more information see details below

Tour Price

 Price : US$ 3200.-
includes the following:

  • 15 nights hotel, double occupancy
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day
  • All entrance fees
  • Tips at the hotels and the restaurants
  • All transportation
  • Guide who is an expert on Weaving and Textile tours

Not included in the price

  • Flights to and from Turkey
  • Tip for the driver
  • Tip for the guide
  • Beverages and drinks
  • Cancellation insurance

Single Room supplement US$ 320

US$ 780 per person in a double room.
Includes every thing

Meals,hotels,transportation,entrsance fees,guiding....

 Day 1: Sept 22, 2005
Leave Selcuk after breakfast. drive to Pergamum. visit the Acropolis and the Ancient hospital
overnight in Ayvalik

DAY 2: Sept 23, 2005
Visit the Alter of Zeus, the ancient site of Assos where St Paul had preaached
Overnight in Assos 

DAY 3: Sept. 24, 2005
Visit the museum in the mountain village of Tahtakuslar. It's the
very first village museum of ethnography.
Visit DOBAG villages  Overnight in Assos

DAY 4: Sept. 25, 2005
Visit the legendary city of Troy. Continue
driving to Bursa Overnight in Bursa

Day 5: Sept
Visit Bursa, Iznik ( Ancient Nycea ) and visit doll makers at Azize Hanim's work shop in a beautiful English Garden by the lake. The village women are making these dolls and I am sure you would all love the project named Antolian Project.Ferry to Istanbul. Overnight at Hotel Ayasofya

The tour will be over the next morning.


Arrival Suggestions:

US, Canadian, EU, Swiss and UK citizens need a visa to travel in Turkey. You may obtain this visa upon your arrival at the Istanbul airport. The fee is $20 for the USA citizens and US$45 for the Canadians  Payment is made in US currency. The visa is valid for three months.

We can arrange individual transfers from the airport to the hotel. Please let us know your arrival information. Look for a MELITOUR sign at the departure from the customs area at the airport.

If you plan to arrive a few days before the tour to get over jet lag we can reserve a room at Hotel Ayasofya (Single US$50, Double US$70)

We can suggest itineraries for those who want to explore on their own or with a guide before or after the tour. Simply send us an e-mail with your request.

In case of unexpected delay or change of flight, should there be a problem in meeting the person who should be waiting for you at the airport please call Hotel Ayasofya at 0212-51694-46 or take a taxi to Hotel Ayasofya. Your taxi fare will be refunded.

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