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Yatching, Sailing & Blue Voyage

"The great mountains and forests trembled
Under the feet of the immortal Poseidon.
He took three steps, reached Aigia on the fourth.
He had a famous Palace at Aigia, in the depth of the sea,
completely submerged under the waters, bright and shining,
It never grew old, nothing was lacking"


The Aegean and the Mediterranean can be called the sea of legends. This is the result of the infinite beauty of nature. In the course of the centuries,man has exploited a large part of this beauty for his own ends. That is why we can observe   the constant strength of civilization in both of these seas. The Aegean and the Mediterranean can be called
 the sea of legends. This is the result of the infinite beauty of nature. In the course of the centuries, man has exploited a large part of this beauty for his own ends. That is why we can observe the constant strength of civilization in both of these seas.These waters were also the source of ecstasy and rapture. In fact they were well known to the powerful gods and goddesses of nature who danced and sang in the revels of Dionysos and to all the peoples of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. They left evidence of all this to posterity by exploiting their skills to the full in every stone and every piece of marble they carved, in every mural they painted, in every inscription they wrote.

The bays and the ancient cities bear not the faintest resemblance one to the other.
Discover the past of the Anatolian shore from the indigo of the Mediterranean.
In the Blue Voyage, one of the most important things is the choice of a place to spend the night.
Our captain, Ahmet, is intent on finding a calm, quite bay while the passengers expect a beautiful prospect that begins with the sea and ends in the sky, or rather never ends at all. Those who can find vital pleasure in beauty can enjoy this trip to its full.

"There is colour in nature.
     There is music. There is pleasure.
       There is the exuberance that fills the
          Without it, would the flowers bloom?
              Would people fall in love in spring?

Tour Dates
We offer this tour as  a 3- day , 5 - day and 7- day tours.
How Many cabins on the boat ?
There are 8 cabins on our boat. 6 double 2 triple rooms can sleep up to 18 people. We can charter the boat  for 2 to 18 people.
Where can we start the tour?
We can start our  3 day and 5 day tours  from Antalya . The 7 day tour can start from Antalya , Fethiye or Gocek. 

This tour is also offered upon request or as a tour extension for those who are willing to finish their MELITOUR land tour with a relaxing yacht tour.

Few pictures from our previous tour


Day 01
Cleopatra Bay
Leave the rest of the group to Dalaman Air Port continue to Gocek. Get on the boat at lunch time. Meet our excellent crew on board our boat Kaptan Acar A. Before we can over come the excitement of being on this beautiful Gullet, we will be  our way to a wonderful experience.  

Cleopatra Bay

Sail to Bedri Rahmi.Stop at a bay where the blue color of the Mediterranean is got patches of green with the reflection of the 100 year old pine trees growing right on the edge of the water. Bay have lunch Overnight at Cleopatra Bay. Dinner on the Boat
Day 02
Gemiler Island Sail to Gemiler Island
visit Gemiler Island ruins A wonderful hike to the top of the Island. Opportunity for water ski ( not included)The secrets of the ancient deities still lie hidden in the secluded coves and bays around the Gulf of Fethiye At

Gemiciler Island


GEMICILER ISLAND stands Byzantine city with all of its grandeur You can swim to the ruins or take a walk in the rocky shores where black goats enjoy eating the bay leaves and sage. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat

Day 03
Kas Kalkan
Early departure for Kas Kalkan
this will take us all day
overnight at Kas. Visit the town of Kas. Visit the ancient theater which looks right into the Mediterranean.  The mornings are generally very calm. It feels like even the wind does not want to wake you up from the beautiful dream that you would be having under the millions of stars in the evenings.








Sail in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean.

  But the boat will already be on its way to another breath taking scene. You are now sailing at the coast of the Lycians. The "People from the Sea" as the archaeologists call them, had found this shore and the mountains suitable for their nature. With the uninterrupted horizon of the sea and the unconquerable peeks of the mountain, this land homed these free soul people for one thousand years. The Lycians must have used the perfumes from the tangerines and necklaces made from the mountain flowers.
After visiting Kalkan overnight at a quiet bay walking distance to Kas. With out the noise of the city , we will enjoy  an opportunity to walk to the ruins and the harbor of this fishing villaBreakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat

Day 04 Karakos         (Salyangoz) Visit Kekova
Karakos( Salyangoz)
Overnight at Karakos   (Salyangoz)
Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat No matter how far away we tie our boat from Kale,we will wake up with the chorus of roosters crowing. Probably like every body else who hear these roosters we too will wonder what sort of roosters these are making such an incredible off tuned symphonic music.

  Sail to the Sunken city of Kekova. In the privacy of this bay you will be amazed how pine trees grow right out of the sea. Sounds impossible even after you see it with your own eyes
Day 05  Gokkaya. Kocakadinin yeri
Kale ucagiz. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat Sail to the beautiful bay of Gokkaya.
The  Hellenistic wall surrounds the Seljukian fortress which casts a shadow onto the Lycian tombs surrounding the village houses
  It truly is a legendary location for seeing the History of Anatolia at this far corner of the country.
Overnight onboard.
Day 06
Porto CenevizCeneviz Limani. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat Te Mediterranean Pirates found this cove as a perfect refuge. The setting is so complete with the images of his time that the only thing missing is the pirates themselves. Sail to Porto Ceneviz. .
  By the time we leave this white pebblle shore to the carreta caretta turtles to hatch from their eggs the moon will start competing with sun droping her first visable rays in the water
Dinner and overnight onboard.

Day 07
Phasalis Olympos Kemer

If the Mediterranean pirate stories would not interest you, Phasalis is worth visiting to be able to imagine the visits of the 2nd Century Roman Emperor Hadrian. After lunch and swim stop our little dingy will take us off to the shore of a city which takes its name after the home of Zeus and his family.

  Very appropriately named city Olympos leaves no doubt in any body's mind that it is the home of the Gods and goddesses. The ruins hidden in the depth of thick vegetation make you feel like they are playing hide and seek with you when they pop out in front of you with now warning in the utmost grandeour.
Day 08 Transfer to the air portLeave the Boat at Kemer
Drive to Antalya and catch the night flight out of Antalya to Istanbul





Day 01
Transfer from Kusadasi or Dalyan Airport to Marmaris
Lunch will be served either on route or on the boat depending on the time of Arrival to the boat. Sail out to Ekincik. The location which is not yet discovered by the other Captains. Experience the feeling being  the only owner of the world. Dinner on board
Day 02
After breakfast sail to the Island in front of the Beach where the last species of Carreta Carreta Turtles breed. Transfer to smaller river boats and cruise on the river up to Dalyan Lake and enjoy the spectacular ruins carved on the cliffs. The shots from your boat will be photographer's delight. Return to the boat for lunch and continue to the secluded bay whose first visitor was Cleopatra.

Anchor the boat by the sunken walls of Cleopatra's bath and wish for parade of donkeys creating a traffic jam on the goat path as they carry logs to the nomads camp invisible in the back of the mountains buried in the forests.
Day 03
Wake up to the stunning sun rise. A rare experience where you see the mountains bow their heads to the see to greet the rising sun. On a clear day which is  350 days a year, even the pebbles at the peak of the mountains reflect in the water surrounding your boat.
Leisurely morning . time to swim, wind serf, hike..... After lunch sail to Bedri Rahmi Eyubloglu bay where a giant fish painted on the rock remains as a monument to the name of the artist for whom this bay was dedicated. Celebrate the setting sun with a champagne. Over night  at another hidden bay ":in the forest"
Day 04
Visit the town of Gocek in the morning for provisions and excellent souvenirs shopping.
After lunch on board sail to Gemiler Island. The Island houses a 5th Century settlement where the ruins dedicated to St Nicholas  remain like a monumental navigation land post. The vegetation growing on the ancient rocks give one the feeling of a love story between the nature and history. Dinner and overnight by the island
Day 05
Sail by Olu Deniz Lagoon. Swimming by Tersane Island, Time to hike and explore the island or you can remain on the boat to enjoy the sounds of nature. The birds and the crickets put the best train opera singers in shame.If you are lucky in the light of the starts in the evening you can watch the seal hunt for their dinner.
Day 06
Leave the boat after breakfast to be transfered to the airport in Dalaman.

Pricing information for MARMARIS Departure

  • Maximum number of tour members

The price is given for 10 to 12 people. Should there be less number of people  the per person price will varry or we will use a smaller boat

Showers and Cabins on the Boat
There are eight cabins on the boat. Four of the cabins have a double bed. The other four have two single beds side by side. Each cabin has a private bathroom and shower. Hot water is available all the time.

Food on the Boat
We will be eating on board and where available at simple family run fish restaurants ashore. The crew will prove how excellent cook they are as they take turn surprising you with the excellent food they can prepare in their small kitchen. Drinks available on board. For special drink requests, we can give a request list to the captain before we get on board.

Getting down from the boat is easy with the comfortable stair ways. We seldom go ashore for swimming. So most of the swimming will be in deep indigo blue clean waters. The Mediterranean is a very friendly sea. You do not need to worry about fish bothering you. For those who are not comfortablse with swimmimg there will be life jackets and board for more comfortable swimming.

Extra curricular activites:

  • Wind Surfing - Wind surfing is fun once you know how not to fight with the sail. After few laughters you will enjoy the command over the wind. If you are like most of us who can only go one way the crew will be right there to bring you back to the boat.
  • Schnorkeling - The fish of all colors swim around you respecting your privacy not topuching you but seducing you to follow them. The ancient sites under water will be more inviting magnified with your schnorkels.
  • Water Skiing - Skiing will be available on one day at an extra cost
  • Hiking to the forests
  • Hiking to the ancient sites from the boat
  • Fishing - If you are a serious about fishing bring your own gear. If you want to kill time we have enough lines on board.
  • Towels
    The boat will have bath towels but please bring your own beach towel.
  • Sleeping Bag
    Sleeping under the stars in the moonlight is a joy. If you are lover of beauty bring your sleeping bag to sleep on the deck.
  • Weather
    October is a wonderful time of the year for cruising in the Mediterranean. Warm days, warm water and chilly nights. A sweater at night will be welcome. Sea water will be about 75 F.

    Arrival Suggestions:

    US citizens need a visa to travel in Turkey. You may obtain this visa upon your arrival at the Istanbul airport. The fee is $20 in US currency. The visa is valid for three months.

    We can arrange individual transfers from the airport to the hotel. Please let us know your arrival information. Look for a MELITOUR sign at the departure from the customs area at the airport.

    If you plan to arrive a few days before the tour to get over jetlag we can reserve a room at
     Hotel Ayasofya (Single US$50, Double US$70)

    We can suggest itineraries for those who want to explore on their own or with a guide before or after the tour. Simply send us an e-mail with your request.

    In case of unexpected delay or change of flight, should there be a problem in meeting
    the person who should be waiting for you at the airport please call Hotel Ayasofya
    at 0212-51694-46 or take a taxi to Hotel Ayasofya. Your taxi fare will be refunded.

    Hotel Ayasofya
    Kucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi
    Demirci Resit Sokak
    Sultan Ahmet Meydani Alti


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