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The Turkish Coast By Boat
With Sheryl Stringer
July 22 Saturday - July 30, 2006 Sunday
On the Turquoise Coast

The Aegean and the Mediterranean can be called the sea of legends. This is the result of the infinite beauty of nature. In the course of the centuries, man has exploited a large part of this beauty for his own ends. That is why we can observe the constant strength of civilization in both of these seas. These waters were also the source of ecstasy and rapture.  In fact they were well known to the powerful gods and goddesses of nature who danced and sang in the revels of Dionysos and to all the peoples of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. They left evidence of all this to posterity by exploiting their skills to the full in every stone and every piece of marble they carved, in every mural they painted, in every inscription they wrote.      

The bays and the ancient cities bear not the faintest resemblance one to the other. Discover the past of the Anatolian shore from the indigo of the Mediterranean.  In the Blue Voyage, one of the most important things is the choice of a place to spend the night.

Our captain, Ahmet, is intent on finding a calm, quite bay while the passengers expect a beautiful prospect that begins with the sea and ends in the sky, or rather never ends at all. Those who can find vital pleasure in beauty can enjoy this trip to its full.

Minimum 10 passengers Maximum 13 passengers /not including guides and crew
per person in double room

 10 passengers

11 passengers 

 12 passengers

 13 passengers

 $ 2.290.-




(This is a private boat not a cabin charter and it is high season)
$250 Non refundable Deposit Required    

Price includes

  • 7 Nights on the boat

  • 1 Night at Hotel Ayasofya in Istanbul at the end of the tour

  • 2 Transfers in Istanbul

  • 2 transfers to and from the boat to Dalaman Air port

  • Tip for Captain and Crew

  • All meals:   breakfast, lunch, dinner- (21 meals)

  • Entrance fees for excursions from the boat

  • All harbor fees

  • English speaking assistant on the boat

Price does not include:

  • Drinks

  • Services in Istanbul before or after the tour ( Please check the chart below)

  • domestic flights Istanbul - Dalaman


Hotel in Istanbul for before
or after the tour

US$ 35 per night /Per person in a double room bed/breakfast
US$ 50 per night single room bed/breakfast

One way transfer
air port - hotel / hotel -air port
in Istanbul

 US$  20.-

 Istanbul - Dalaman flight each  way

 US$ 100.-

 Site seeing in Istanbul

 Contact Sheryl Stringer for itinerary and price

        Payment and Cancellation:

  • US$    250    nonrefundable deposit on sign up

  • US$ 1,000.-  April 16,2006  If cancelled after payment 50% will be refunded

  • Final payment for the balance    May 16,2006  There will be no refund if cancelled 60 days before the tour


 "The great mountains and forests trembled
Under the feet of the immortal Poseidon.
He took three steps, reached Aigia on the fourth.
He had a famous Palace at Aigia, in the depth of the sea,
completely submerged under the waters, bright and shining,
 It never grew old, nothing was lacking"



July 22 Day 01 Saturday  GOCEK
If you get to Istanbul a day before, you can fly to Dalaman in the morning and have the whole day on board of our wonderful boat. Meet the group at Dalaman air port and transfer to Gocek to get on the boat.
If  tour members  choose MELITOUR to buy their Istanbul - Dalaman air tickets, Melitour will deliver the tickets to Sheryl Stringer in Houston and once you arrive in Istanbul you will have your own tickets in your hand.  Meet our excellent crew on board our boat the Kaptan Acar A.  Lunch on board. Sail to Bedri Rahmi Bay and have lunch.  We will stay overnight at Cleopatra Bay with Dinner on the Boat  Before we can overcome the excitement of being on our way to a wonderful experience, we will stop at a bay where the blue color of the Mediterranean has patches of green with the reflection of the 100 year old pine trees growing right on the edge of the water. L,D

July 23 Day 02 Sunday  Gulf of Fethiye
Since it is a sunday you want to be away from the crowds hidden in a smal bay where no one else will find your boat
On the boat. Sail to Gemiler Island visit Gemiler Island ruins A wonderful hike to the top of the Island. Opportunity for water ski ( not included) Breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the Boat The secrets of the ancient deities still lie hidden in the secluded coves and bays around the Gulf of Fethiye B,L,D

July 24 Day 03 Monday GEMILER ISLAND
On the boat. Early departure for another superb natural beauty  . Sail in the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean. The mornings are generally very calm. It feels like even the wind does not want to wake you up from the beautiful dream that you would be having under the millions of stars in the evenings. But the boat will already be on its way to another breath taking scene. You are now sailing at the coast of the Lycians.
The "People from the Sea" as the archaeologists call them, had found this shore and the mountains suitable for their nature. With the uninterrupted horizon of the sea and the unconquarable peeks of the mountain, this land homed these free soul people for one thousand years. The Lycians must have used the parfumes from the tangerines and necklaces made from the mountain flowers. At GEMICILER ISLAND stands Byzantine city with all of its grandeur You can swim to the ruins or take a walk in the rocky shores where black goats enjoy eating the bay leaves and sage. be prepared for anice hike and/or Water ski.B,L,D

July 25 Day 04 Tuesday an un named Island so that you can give your own name to this wonderful location
In the privacy of this bay you will be amazed how pine trees grow right out of the sea. Sounds impossible even after you see it with your own eyes .B,L,D

July 26 Day 05 Wednesday  Dalyan
Get on a flat bottom boat to sail to the depths of a river which is famous with its Caretta caretta turtles. If you are lucky you can see the huge ( Galapagos Turtles like turtles teaching swimming to their new born babies.  It truly is a legendary location for seeing the History of Anatolia at this far corner of the country. Spend some time at the mud baths at the thermal waters of the lake at the end of the river. hike to the depths of Caunos ancient city. Return to your boat completely ready for your captains excellent meal. Overnight onboard. B,L,D

July 27 Day 06 Thursday Ekincik
On the boat . The Mediterranean Pirates found this cove as a perfect refuge. The setting is so complete with the images of his time that the only thing missing is the pirates themselves. Sail to a bay near ekincik . By the time we leave this white pebblle shore to the carreta caretta turtles to hatch from their eggs the moon will start competing with sun droping her first visable rays in the water. Dinner and overnight onboard. B,L,D

July 28 Day 07 Friday Marmaris
Swimming in the phosphorous caves of Marmaris will be a the highlight of the day. As the water glows on your body
and your voice echos in the walls of the cave, you will wonder if this was where the Sirens challenged the sailors of the Mediterranean. B,L,D

July 29 Day 08  Saturday Fly to Istanbul
You will not want to leave the boat but unfortunately this morning after breakfast you will have to say good bye to your lovely Captain Ahmet and transfer to the Air port in Dalaman to fly to Istanbul.
transfer to the Hotel and the hotel tonight is included in the price of this tour. B

July 30 Day 09 Sunday
The tour will end after the breakfast
Transfer to the air port is included