If you cannot find barbunya (roman) beans, you can try the same recipe with pinto beans, which look exactly like barbunyas. Pintos taste different than barbunyas, but still may surprise you with this recipe.

INGREDIENTS:   2 Pounds of beans
5 Cups of water to boil the beans
2 Mid size onions      
3 Mid size tomatoes
15 cloves of garlic
1 cup olive oil
3 Italian pepper
3 Cups of hot water
3 Tea spoons of sugar
2 Tea spoons of salt
1 cup chopped parsley
1 cup sliced carrots 
Wash the beans. Boil them in 5 cups of water for  1/2 hour until they soften. Peal the garlic,onion and tomatoes. Chop the tomatoes in small cubes. Put one cup of olive oil in a pan. Add whole onions and garlic. Stir them for 2 minutes and add the tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes are cooked.
Add 3 cups of warm waterm salt and sugar and carrots. Drain the beans and add the beans in the tomato sauce/ Mix them. Put the lid on. Cooc them in very low heat until the beans are done. If the juice dries up add a little more hot water. It will take approx 1/2 hour to cook. After the beans are cooked leave the lid on until the beans cool off.
Take the onions out. Put the beans in your salad bowl. Add chopped parsley. Chill in the fridge for one hour before you serve.