Turkey is a great destination for an enriching travel experience. In our tours we want to give you the best that an independent minded visitor can hope for, mixing the ease and guidance of group travel with the sense of adventure and discovery exploring Turkey on your own.

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We believe how much you know does not necessarily depend on how much you read, but on how much you travel. You will learn about a culture which is the synthesis of many cultures that have existed for thousands of years on the same land - Anatolia. On every tour, whatever the theme, we make sure that history, art and interaction with locals are important features of the tour.


Melitour offers special interest tours attracting people of similar interest. It might be the theme of the tour or the style of traveling that bonds our tour members.


The most significant difference between Melitour tours and other tours is the constant opportunity to interact with locals. We visit homes, go into classrooms, sit and chat with the imams in the mosques, learn about medical care from midwives and visit doctors in one room hospitals in villages.


All Melitour guides are carefully chosen from among those who have at least 10 years of guiding experience. They then receive additional training by Meli so they meet all Melitour criteria for guiding.


Generally the tour members say they have received their money's worth by the end of the third day. Once you arrive at the airport in Istanbul you will not worry about having to pay for surprises. Tips at all hotels, restaurants, train stations, tips for guides and drivers are all included in the price of the tour. All siteseeing is included so there will be no extra excursions for extra money that you would be tempted to take. If there are any dinners or lunches not included in the price (generally 2 or 3 on each tour), the reason will be to give the tour members a break from group dining so they can be on their own. For your convenience all bathroom entrance fees are included in the price of the tour. All you need money for is what you want to spend for your purchases, drinks and other personal purchases. Most tour members need no more than $200 for these items.


Along the way we are never short of time to take good picture on our tours. Several tour members have set up web sites based on their experience during a Melitour. For a first hand view of what it is like to travel with Melitour check below for links to these sites. A member of Meli's "Eclipse Tour" in August 1999 shares his Thirty Magic Hours in Turkey. Another member of the Eclipse Tour has posted his impressions of traveling with Melitour at:

Check our photo album of pictures taken by tour members.

Melitour groups are small   All Melitour groups meet the locals

Melitour keeps groups small.


Meet with locals on all Melitour tours.

Every tour visits local homes Some visits are in a family tent.

Melitour will not miss a home visit, even if it is a nomad's black tent.

Tours are educational and fun   Homemade food is often served

Melitour likes to make tours educational as well as fun.


On Melitour tours eating homemade food is part of the experience.




Happy travelers become a family

Happy travelers become a family on Melitour tours.

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