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General information about Ephesus Tour

On our tours, MELITOUR promises to bring Ephesus alive. In the remains of the monumental fountains, you will “see” water drops dripping off the marble bodies of the Ephesian females dressed in “wet T-shirts”. In the marble paved streets, you will “hear” the sound of the horses hauling chariots. You will “smell” the grilled fish and fried poultry on the wall paintings of the kitchens in the houses of Ephesus. Sitting in the marble seats of the grand theater, you will "feel" the anger of the Ephesians who were rioting against St Paul.
Ephesus will " not be
another ancient city”. It will not take too much of an effort to think of yourself as one of quarter of a million people who had lived in Ephesus for nine hundred years. Ephesians were real people who did miss spell words, who carved graffiti on the walls. Ephesians were poets. Ephesians got sick and had doctors to cure them. The deities of Ephesus could not save the city from being destroyed in the earthquakes. Malaria threaten the city, the Ephesians thought it was evil spirits.
An excursion to Ephesus will be like going to your favorite concert. The rhythm of the day, will give you the best pleasure that one can have in being in a time tunnel.