Discover Turkish History and Culture

This trip will introduce you to western Turkey, as we explore beyond the usual tourist attractions; Anatolia’s natural beauty will be our reward. Our visit begins in exotic Istanbul, the only capital city in the world that straddles two continents, then continues into Anatolia (classical “Asia Minor”), the true cradle of Western civilization. We will see breathtaking scenery -- mountains, valleys, plains, and seas – and marvel at the ancient civilizations whose castles, churches, mosques, bridges, and burial sites remain as monuments to their power. Along the way, we will meet with and be made welcome by the real people of Turkey, visiting them in their homes and learning about their culture and customs.

Traveling in the middle of spring, we will enjoy long days, moderate temperatures, and colorful wildflowers. We will travel chiefly by private bus, but occasionally by train, boat, or foot. We will stay two-to-a-room in small, clean, locally-run hotels or pensions known more for their charm and uniqueness than for their luxury.

More than two dozen civilizations have flourished here over the last 10 millennia, including the Hittites, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans, and the contemporary Republic of Turkey. We will admire their artifacts, including the world’s oldest earth mother statue; visit impressive archaeological sites, primarily Greek and Roman; hike in the eroded landscape of Cappadocia; explore houses and churches carved out of the cliffs; enter an underground city where early Christians eluded persecution; swim in the Roman thermal baths of Pamukkale; and see contemporary arts and crafts as well as masterpieces of traditional Islamic art and architecture.


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The trip starts with a group meeting at 4:00 p.m. on the first day, in our hotel in Istanbul. The meeting will be followed by dinner, the first meal provided. Lodging from tonight through day 15 is included (we will spend one night on the train). All meals are provided except two dinners, as specified in the itinerary. Our trip will end at our hotel in Istanbul, after breakfast on day 16.


Magnificent Istanbul. You will be met upon arrival and transferred to our hotel, which remains almost as it was 200 years ago and is within walking distance of many of the must-see places. The trip starts with an introductory meeting, where we’ll get acquainted and discuss the trip. After a visit to the Hippodrome and the Blue Mosque, we’ll have dinner.


Some of the sights we will see include the underground Basilica Cistern; the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, whose ethnographic section offers a perfect introduction to what we will see in the countryside; Ayasofya; and the Topkapi Palace. We’ll eat dinner at a seafood restaurant favored by the locals.


We’ll shop briefly at the world's oldest mall, the famous Covered Bazaar, and visit the Chora Church to see its exquisite 12th-century Byzantine mosaics, which are rivaled only by those in Ravenna. If you are interested in early Christian art, you will be overwhelmed by this museum. After lunch, we'll continue to Istanbul's finest mosque, the 16th-century Suleymaniye, built by the Ottomans' greatest architect, Mimar Sinan. After a brief visit to the spice market, we will board our own private boat on the Golden Horn for a cruise on the Bosporus. The views of the city's 600 mosques at dusk are unforgettable. After dinner on the Asian side, we will proceed to the historic Haydarpasa Railway Station to board the all-sleeper Ankara Ekspres, which arrives in Ankara the next morning. The bulk of our luggage will have been sent ahead by bus.


In Ankara, we'll visit the splendid Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. This one-of-a-kind museum displays artifacts from 26 different civilizations, all excavated in Anatolia. Seeing them will give us a better understanding of the region’s cultural and historical layers. After lunch, we'll visit the impressive mausoleum of Ataturk ("Father of the Turks"), revered founder of the modern Turkish state. We'll then take our bus to Cappadocia, traveling beautiful country roads for a taste of lovely Turkish landscapes and farms. We’ll overnight in Uchisar, where we'll stay at a hotel in which some of the rooms have been carved out of the surrounding rock.


In Cappadocia, we'll wake up to magnificent sights right outside our hotel windows. With its endless artwork, the moonlike terrain is a photographer's delight. We will hike to 10th- and 11th-century churches, monasteries, and houses carved into the rocks, and visit a family living in one of these rock dwellings. As Cappadocia is the carpet center of Turkey, we will schedule a visit to a factory cooperative where the art of making carpets by hand (using natural dyes) is being kept alive. Overnight in Uchisar. Weather permitting, an optional early-morning balloon ride will be offered at additional cost. 

We will start the day with a pleasant 3-5-mile hike into the depths of Cappadocia, from an elevation of about 4,200 feet. We will then proceed to Avanos. People have been making pottery here since the time of the Hittites, in the third millennium B.C.E. We will stop by a local potter’s, then visit an underground city built by the early Christians. We’ll eat dinner and stay overnight in Guzelyurt, in a hotel that was built in 1853 as a monastery and later served as a Christian girls' school. You will have the option of a home-stay in this small town.

Day 7 2007 CAPADOCIA :

We will begin the day with a short walk to the most scenic spot in Guzelyurt, where we'll be able to feel the 10,000 years of accumulated history. Hikers can also take a morning hike to the oldest monastery valley in Christian history. If you do not hike, you can stay in the town and visit with the locals, with whom you can easily make friends. We'll then depart for Konya, stopping en route at a 13th-century caravanserai. Konya was the first capital of the Seljuks, the oldest Turkish empire in Anatolia. It is also the homeland of the 13th-century poet-philosopher Rumi, one of the earliest humanists and the father of Sufism. The conservative ambiance of the city has not changed much for the past 800 years. We'll stay overnight at a hotel in the center of Konya.

Day 8  KONYA :

Rumi and his philosophy will be the topic of our morning lecture. We'll then visit the Mevlana Museum, which is dedicated to him. Next comes the most scenic drive of our trip -- five hours to Antalya. You will be able to see how the flora changes as we drive over the grand Taurus Mountains. Poised between these jagged mountains and the shimmering sea, Antalya is the principal city on Turkey's central Mediterranean coast. In this beautiful city we will stay at a 200-year-old stone house that has been renovated as a pension. You'll be "on your own" for dinner.


Weather permitting, we will take a five-hour cruise on the Mediterranean to the ancient site of Phaselis, located on a peninsula with ancient harbors on both sides. This will be our first Roman site. The ancient stones are scattered among the reed pine trees, which grow right out from the sea in an incomparably romantic setting. Tonight you'll have the option of going to a Turkish bath (included in the trip cost). We'll overnight in Antalya, with dinner on your own.


We'll visit Pamukkale (ancient Hierapolis), Turkey's most unusual natural phenomenon. The Turkish name – literally, "cotton castle" -- refers to the extraordinary surface of the snow-white cliffs, shaped over millennia by the accumulation of travertine (calcite) deposited by mineral springs. We'll visit the hot springs and swim in a spa amid Roman columns. Though under protection, these white cliffs of calcite deposits are being slowly destroyed. We will have dinner and overnight in a local motel in the village center, where you can continue to swim in the curative waters of this 5,000-year-old health center.


We'll drive through the valley of the Meander River, visiting Didyma, site of the Temple of Apollo, with its oracle center; and the great amphitheater at Miletus. Overnight in Selcuk, near the port city of Kusadasi.

Day 12 SELCUK :

This will be our big day in Ephesus, the best-preserved classical city on the eastern Mediterranean and among the best places in the world to get a feel for what life was like in Roman times. After visiting the excellent museum and the house of Jesus’ mother, Mary, we continue to the city of Ephesus. Here, we’ll be able to imagine the theater, filled with 35,000 Ephesians, as the silversmith Demetrius shouted "great is Artemis of Ephesians" in reaction to St. Paul's preaching that "there should be no man-made gods." Overnight in Selcuk.


We drive north along the Aegean Sea to Pergamum, which reached its zenith in the second century B.C.E. and equals Ephesus in importance. Here we visit the Acropolis; the library that rivaled Alexandria; and the Asclepion, a great medical center that peaked under the celebrated physician Galen, who was born here. We continue our drive through a pine nut forest and mountain villages to Ayvalik,Overnight at Ayvalik.


We drive all the way around the Bay of Edremit, enjoying the coastal scenery, then visit the Temple of Athena, in Assos. We continue to the nearby picturesque village of Yesilyurt. Here we stay overnight in the most luxurious accommodations of the trip -- a hotel overlooking the mountains where mythology tells us that Hera and Zeus married.


The last full day of our adventure takes us first to Troy. Several ancient cities have been excavated here, but the site’s real romance comes from the decade-long Trojan War, in the thirteenth century B.C.E. The face that launched a thousand ships, the Achilles heel, the wooden horse -- all of it happened here, in Homer’s telling of the war in the Iliad. Returning to our bus, we cross the Dardanelles on a ferry to the Gallipoli Peninsula, and follow the north shore of the Sea of Marmara back to Istanbul. Then we enjoy a farewell dinner and return to our comfortable hotel for overnight.


The trip ends after breakfast; transfers are provided to the Istanbul airport.


US citizens need a visa to travel in Turkey. You may obtain this visa upon your arrival at the Istanbul airport. The fee is $ 20 in US currency. The visa is valid for three months.When you come out of your plane please proceed to the Visa  Booth. They only accept cash.
After paying for your visa please proceed to police control. Baggage claim is immediately down the ramp after the police check. If you need a cart, you will need to pay one US dollar cash to a person who stands by the carts. It will be nice if you have a change. The Melitour representative for transfer to the hotel will meet you out side the custom area. Look for a MELITOUR sign as soon as you leave the customs gate.

If you plan to arrive a few days before the tour to get over jet lag we can reserve a room at SARI KONAK

We can suggest itineraries for those who want to explore on their own or with a guide before or after the tour. Simply send us an e-mail with your request. 

In case of unexpected delay or change of your  flight, should there be a problem in meeting the person who should be waiting for you at the airport please call Asli 9-0-533 368 3113 or Meli at 9-0-532 345 9987

Day 1/Day 02: ISTANBUL HOTEL AYASOFYA 0212 5169446
Day 3:  Thursday TRAIN

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Day 6:  GUZELYURT  KARBALLA 90 382 451 2103
Day 7 KONYA BAYKARA 90 332 350 4290
Day 8 , Day 9 ANTALYA ATELYA 90 242 241 6416
Day 10 PAMUKKALE RICHMOND 90 258 271 4329
Day 11, Day 12 KUSADASI SUNSET PLAZA 90 256 614 66 57
Day 13 AYVALIK BERK 90 266 312 1501
Day 14 ASSOS MANICI KASRI 90 286 752 1731

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Cappadocia 7 km hike  leasurely walking pace
We start at 6:30 in the morning walk through vinyards for 1 km on a level dirt road. The Church carved in the rocks will be our first surprise. We will need to climb up a rock to see the beautiful frescoes and reliefs which time could not wear off. We will continue our hike through fruit orchards and vineyards where the branches of the apricot trees will be wrapped around the vine branches. The fresh smell of the air will be more of a joy when it is filled in with the songs of the nightingales. After walking 1 more km we will reach another church carved in the Rocks, but this time more than the church the view of Cappadocia from the church will be our focus of interest. It is amazing how this very easy 2-3 km hike would bring us to a point where you are totally disconnected from the real world. The only sign of life around us as we continue our hike on a level dirt road will be more fruit trees which have been carefully planted and taken care of by the local farmers. The next 300 yards will remind us that "no pain no gain" as we climb up a path which is quite steep. If hiking is not your at least twice a year hobby, you might have to stop a few times to get your legs working again. But once we get up to the top, you will feel like the rocks are playing the most "colorful symphony." The wild flowers and the colors of the rocks will be competing with each other to display more shades of all the colors. Our hike will continue on level ground for the most of it until we arrive back to the village This hike takes 2 hours We get our excellent breakfast when we return to the hotel.

Guzelyurt 5 km 1.5 hours leisurely walking pace 
We will drive up to the place where we will start the hike. The first part of the hike will be on a level rocky land. As we start walking down hill the rocks will be replaced first by oak trees then with vineyards and fruit orchards. Once we arrive in the canyon we will sometimes be walking along the side of the creek. Sometimes we will be hopping on the rocks to get to the other side of the water. On this hike there is one very short 10 yards steep downhill walk. We end our hike in the oldest monastery of the Christian history.

Antalaya 3 km  walk on level ground 
We will drive into the mountains for 100 km before we start our hike on a part dirt part paved road running by a river. We will pass by villages, greet the locals and enjoy the pine forest which will sometimes make seeing the sky difficult. We will finish our hike at a Roman Bridge connecting the two sides of the gorge. Very easy walk. A nice picnic at the end of the road will be our bonus.

Pamukkale 2 km down the designated path on the travertines with the calicium deposits
Once we leave the ancient Hierapolis with all its mysterious looking ruins, we will be in a white world of the warm waters and calcium deposits. The walk down the cliff on the designated path must be down without shoes. It may be hard on your feet. Wearing socks is recommended.

Prienne 2 km round trip up and down hill walk 
Overlooking the Meander Valley, the ancient city of Prienne will be reached at the end of a gradual climb walking on the ancient roman stairs.