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Subject: Excellent tour of Turkey

Dear Melike and Christina,

Happy New Year to you both.

This note is long overdue but no less sincere for my tardiness .

Bill and I wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had in Turkey but most especially in Cappadocia. I've just finished creating a photo book of our trip and realized  that I needed to thank you both for assigning us the most wonderful guide in Ahmet.
For us he embodied all the  warmth and welcome we experienced in Turkey. He was always gracious, accommodating and truly kind. He took pleasure in sharing his love of his family and country and the sincerity of his faith. Every meal was a joy, Ahmet loved food and so did we! And what meals! Very quickly we forgot that Ahmet was our guide as he became a integral part of our party and we felt as if we were seeing Turkey with a friend.
While our trip was easy and perfectly organized, we know that Ahmet worked behind the scenes to make sure every day went without a hitch. He was quietly arranging, accommodating and preparing for our excursions. We were so lucky to have him as our guide and hope we conveyed our pleasure in his company and gratitude for all he did. He is so genuine. One little incident that embodied Ahmet's persona it telling. As we were out one day he spotted a dove that was ill,  quickly and tenderly he gave the bird some water and it gradually revived. It is a memory I will treasure above all the others.
Please convey our thanks and best wishes to Ahmet, I know he meets and escorts many, many people each year, but let him know that we are so happy to have known him and grateful he was our guide, we will always remember our time in Cappadocia very fondly because we saw it through Ahmet's eyes.

Bill Hurst