We are not planning to loose you
but if you get lost in a souk or if the group looses you ,  please show this to some one that
you might feel comfortable with
so they can take you out of the souk where you can find a taxi to the hotel.
Every one will understand French!!
I need to meet my group. Can you take me to where I can get a taxi please?
Moi je cherche mon group. Est-ce-que vous pouvez me montrer ou je peux avoir un taxi?
I need to make a phone call. Can you help me please. I will pay you for the call.
Je voudrai passer un coup de telephone. Je vous paierai la communication. Merci.
I want to go to HOTEL ......................
Je voudrai aller a l'Hotel ........
If you speak few words of Moroccan, you can carry on a long conversation especially when we
visit families and when you want to change the subject from bargaining to conversation in the souks.
The woman are generally interested in family conversation.
Are you married? - Hellenti mutaza wija (for women) How are you? - keif-i haluk
Beautiful - Jamil( for men) Jamila (for women) How much? - shahall
Bread - khoobz Please - minfadlik
Do you have children - endik auledde Thank you - Shukraan
Do you have sheep - endek maeez water - me(the best one is Sid-i Ali)
How old is she/he -kamm omroo(boy) kamm omraha(girl) What is your name? - ma ismuk?
Hello - Merhaba Where is the main street? -fin jet tarik?
The list contains  some of the most often pronounced Arabic, Berber, French and Spanish
words you may come across in Morocco. When our guide speak English, 
 he some times insert these words in his sentences.
agadir- fortified communal granary brochette -kebab
aid - feast burnous-     traditional full length cape with a
                   hood worn by men through out Morocco
ain-water source souk - market
ait-family (of), precedes tribal and town names kafeela - traditional country yard inn
akbar-great couscous- semolina, staple food of north Africa
Al~Andalus -Muslim Spain and Portugal douar - word  generally used for villages
Allah -God douche - Public showers (Hamam)
Ashaab-herbal remedies hajj -      pilgrimage to Mecca
bab-gate haji -       one who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca
babouches-traditional leather slippers hamam - Turkish~ style bath house with
               sauna and scrub 
bain - Moorish bath harem - living area of house palace primarily
             domain  by women
bakshees -tip (YOU WILL HEAR THIS ALOT) harira - soup with lentils and other vegetables
Baraka -devine blessing or favor hijab - veil and women's head scarf
Bedouin -Nomadic Arab Desert Tribe imam - Islamic prayer leader
Berbers -Indigenous inhabitants of North Africa jimal- camel
borj -fort(literally,tower) jami - mosque