My family and I were raised in a city and never had an opportunity to even have a small garden. When the time was right for our family budget, in year 2000, we have decided to introduce our lives a new excitement. We have bought this little property which was only 5 minutes away from Ephesus and 15 minutes away from the harbor of Kusadasi where our home is. There were only 5 little bushes and 2 unfinished houses when we started. There were no water, no electricity, no fences, and no trees. The whole family and even the neighbors helped plant close to 1000 trees to get our big garden started. But we were so excited that we called our 3- acre land, Our FARM. The trees are now 4 years old and they are now joy for our eyes and with their sweet fruits, pleasure to our tummies.

 I, as a mother, was hoping that my daughter Asli and my son Ahmet will love living at the farm. I was dreaming that they will both get married and have children. I was also imagining that my grand children will love to have slumber parties here with their friends who might not have experienced living on a farm before. Then I thought, “Oh My god, when the friends of my grand children come to stay, some of the parents might like to come with their children.". "Oh! We need a big kitchen". At the time when I was day dreaming, neither one of my children was married. But, I immediately started working on my big kitchen project. I did not want to fill up the farm with lots of buildings; we already had two, so I dug the ground like a big basement and started building the 1150 sq ft kitchen.
 My children obviously had a different plan. Ahmet and Asli had invited me to dinner (generally bad news) and kindly told me that they had no intension of living on a farm, they had no idea if they were going to get married and planning for children was not up to them either. They were going to see what their future spouse will think about it. Which meant: “Mom, find another use for your kitchen."
It did not take me long to come up with plan B.
I thought it  will be great fun to use the kitchen to serve food to our clients who visit Turkey on cruise ships which call at our Kusadasi port and visit Ephesus. Generally the huge cruise ships bring thousands of people and small Kusadasi does not have sufficient restaurants to meet the demand of thousands of people at once, so the visitors either have to squeeze in to a restaurant with hundreds of others or run back to the ship for lunch and miss on Turkish food. When we invited our clients to our farm, they not only got the taste of home made

Turkish food but also had a chance to meet a Turkish family and made their few hour stop in Turkey a memorable and personable experience.The plan started working well. My mother and I have started cooking end enjoying every minute of it.

Our family owned travel agency specializes on special interest tours. We thought offering TURKISH COOKING CLASS will be a perfect subject for those who are interested in cooking. The cooking class that we offer at our Morocco tours were great sucess.