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Thursday Aug. 13 - Wednesday Aug. 19

Day 01 Thursday Aug. 13
,  Ulaan Baator Overnight in Ulaan Baator
Arrive in Ulaan Baator. Transfer to the hotel. Meet the group at 04.00 PM in the lobby of the hotel.
We will have a group meeting before we leave for a visit to the Russian Monument
Dinner at the Hotel 

Day 02 Friday Aug.  14,  Ulaan Baator Overnight in Ulaan Baator 
Leave the hotel at 08.30 to visit the living Monastery of Gandan. Chanting starts at 10 o'clock. The Mongolians flock in to this monastery hoping to get cured of their bad luck and illnesses. Attend a Buddhist ceremony and visit the grand Buda Statue. Lunch at Hazara Indian restaurant. Visit the Winter Palace Bogd Khan museum. The artist of paper cutting will meet our group at the Children's Park. You will learn how to do this old art.
Come to the hotel before dinner. Dinner at Avtai Sain Khan Restaurant in a big ger with Mongolian music.Overnight in Ulaan Baator

Day 03 Saturday Aug. 15,  Ulaan Baator Overnight in Ulaan Baator
Visit there plains of Mongolia. Today we will be leaving the capitol of Mongolia and only several hundred yards away from the city, the yurt settlements will start dominating the plains of Mongolia. Visit a ger. Lunch in the country side at Ovoo Camp.  We will visit a Buddhist Monastery hidden in an orchard.
Korean dinner at Seoul   .Overnight at the same hotel in Ulaan Baator

Day 04 Sunday Aug. 16, Overnight in a yurd***(GER) 
Drive to Terelj National Park. Visit the Catholic cathedral on the way if possible.
Visit Nalaih village. Lunch at the camp. Free time for hiking in the afternoon. Visiting the nomads in their yurds will give us better understanding of the interesting hard and different lives of the Mongolians.
 Barbecue dinner at the camp. (Weather Permitted)
 Overnight stay in a ger (Yurd), the traditional Mongolian style accommodation.
Day 05 Monday Aug. 17, Overnight in Ulaan Baator
After breakfast at 09:00, 2-3 hour horse riding in a beautiful setting. We will see cows, yaks, camels in the fields. The horses of Mongolia are so picturesque with the spectacular drop of the nature. Be prepared for lots of photo ops. After lunch, drive back to UB.  Visit the local Sunday Market. Before dinner, for those who want, we will have time to use internet café. Those who want to have a foot massage will find them selves in heaven in the hands of very capable masseuse.  Dinner at the same hotel.

Day 06 Tuesday Aug.  18, Overnight in Ulaan Baator
Visit National History Museum and the Natural history museum with the biggest dinosaur skeletons in the world. Visit a felt artist after lunch. Lunch @ Thai  Bangkok Restaurant
Visit cashmere factory. Visit the department store for last minute souvenirs. We will watch a spectacular Folk dance and music show at Rsuki Center. The well known Throat Singing is amazing or even stunning Farewell dinner at Great Mongolian Restaurant Overnight stay at the same hotel.

Day 07 Wednesday   Aug. 19, Fly from Ulaan Baator via Beijing to Urumchi 
After breakfast transfer to the Air Port .flight is 07:25 in the morning. Short Beijing tour. Catch the plane to Urumchi Overnight in Urumchi

Wednesday Aug.19 - Tuesday Aug. 25

Day 07 Wednesday Aug. 19, Fly from Ulan Bator via Beijing to Urumchi 
Upon arrival from Ulaan Baator to Beijing, depending on time of arrival, we might have a chance to do a city site seeing in Beijing.  The flight for Urumchi leaves in late afternoon. It is a 4 hour flight. 
Day 08 Thursday Aug. 20, Overnight in Turpan  THE INCREDIBLE "MUMMIES" OF URUMCHI 
We will  visit Xinjiang Regional Museum which is split into 2 sections - one devoted to archeological treasures from the Silk Road and the other has the showcases of the provincal minority cultures.
 We will take a 3-hour ride in an air-conditioned bus to Turpan. Lying 154 meters (505 ft) below sea level, the Turpan Basin not only sits in the second largest depression in the world, but it is one of the hottest places in China. Despite its desert location, Turpan boasts fertile land producing cotton and grapes, thanks to the karez, an ancient irrigation system. Upon arrival, excursion to the ruins of Jiaohe, a Han Dynasty garrison that was destroyed by Genghiskhan. In the evening, we will enjoy an Uygur dance show. Overnight in Turpan.
Day 09 Friday  Aug. 21,  Turpan to Urumqi (BUS)  
We will start the day visiting Emin Minaret, one of the architectural gems of the Silk Road. Along the way to the ancient sites, we will stop and visit vineyard where excellent grapes are growing. Visit Karez that is the attractions of the area and the irrigation system devised by the Uygurs . You will appreciate having an umbrella today because we will be in the heat of the desert. Today you will visit Gaochang, one of China’ best preserved ancient cities due to the dry, hot climate. Walls of sun dried brick are 40 feet thick at the base, surround the ruins. Continue on to The Baiziklik Caves (one Thousand Buddha Caves) which shows  the extent to which Buddhism had spread in this area .We will stop at the ancient Astana Tombes. And the Flaming Mountains that seem on fire in the mid-day sun;  Return to Turpan  After lunch, we drive back to Urumchi. 
Urumchi is a growing metropolis inhabited mainly by Han Chinese and serves as a transport hub for those crossing to Tibet, Pakistan and Central Asia. Here you can visit the lively market at Erdaoqiao, where anything from Uygur handicrafts, silk carpets to fruits and kebabs are sold. We will also visit the Old Town area, where we will see how Uyghur’s live in today's modern capital (the New Town is the Han Chinese area of town). Overnight in Urumchi.
Day 10 Saturday Aug. 22, Overnight in Kashgar
Fly to Kashgar enjoy the view of the Tienshan mountains from the air plane. Continue to the Taklamakan desert. A camel ride in the Taklamakan desert which means "those who go in will not return" is very exciting. Overnight in Kashgar. We will have lots of photo opportunities for taking the pictures of the tremendous donkey traffic in the out skirts of Kashgar.
Day 11 Sunday  Aug. 23, Kashgar Overnight in Kashgar
Begin your discovery today with visits to  the Id Kah Mosque fronted by the busy square., the largest in China that built in 1442, the Abakh Hoja Tomb, built in 1640, it is reminiscent of the Central Asian artistic style of Samarkand of Isfahan. The site is also known as the Xiang Fei (Fragrant Concubine) Tomb in memory of Abakh Khoja's granddaughter, Iparhan, who was the Fragrant Concubine of Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. roam through the colorful national street that assembled rich and verity workshop of making Uyghur’s handcrafts... Visit to Abakhoja Maoseleum, Sunday Market and Mosque Eidkah. Lunch an Uygur Family in order to learn more about the Uygur Cultural. Situated at the foot of the impressive Pamir Mountains, Kashgar was once the key trading post bridging the East and the West. Largely inhabited by the Uyghur’s, this ancient city is dotted with Muslim architecture and still retains the exotic feel of the Silk Road era. We'll spend most of the day there immersing ourselves in the activities. It's a photographer’s paradise for taking pictures of  food, animals, clothing goods, and metalwork which are bought and sold in this vast open-air market. We will learn about the Uyghur people and bargain with them for their handiwork. Here you will encounter some of the many different nationalities who bring their wares into town for trade; Uyghur’s, Han Chinese, Kazaks, Kyrgyzs, Tadjiks, Pakistanis, maybe an Afghani or two and the occasional western tourist. Every Sunday, around 100,000 people gather in the enormous Kashgar Bazaar area where you can buy anything from goat’s heads and hoofs to colourful painted wooden saddles. The traditional costumes and food give it an almost medieval feel and bring alive the legends of this epic overland journey along the Silk Road.  
Day 12 Monday Aug. 24, Kashgar 
We will drive to Karakul Lake (200kms single) along the Karakorum highway to enjoy the natural beauty of Pamir plateau. We will see K2 from a distance. The nature is unbelievable and can not be put in words. We will be at 12,000 ft at the end of our ride to Muz Ata Dag Mountain. We will ascend slowly so it should not be a problem. If you can not take high altitude you can sit in the car and not walk. But it is still absolutely worth going up to this indescribable scenery.
Day 13 Tuesday Aug. 25, End of West China
 Drive to Turgart Pass(167kms) to exit to Kirghizstan End of China Visit 

Tuesday Aug. 25- Friday Aug. 28

Day 13 Tuesday Aug. 25, overnight in Naryn.  
TORUGART –NARYN (190 km, 5 hrs)Meet the Kyrgyz bus and guide at China-Kyrgyz “Torugart” border and after all formalities completed, drive to Naryn with lunch boxes en route. The Torugart-Naryn road is a dirt/asphalt road, quite bumpy but the view is so wonderful that you do not mind the slow rolling bumpy bus. 
From the Arc de Triumph (China) it is about 7 km to the Kyrgyzstan customs and immigration. Distance is 60 km from Torugart to outer checkpoint and a further 130-km to Naryn. Naryn’s one real claim to fame is that the best quality shyrdaks (traditional, brightly colored felt-appliqué rugs) in Kyrgyzstan are said to be made here. Dinner and overnight in Naryn.
Day 14 Wednesday Aug. 26, Issyk Kul
NARYN – ISSYK KUL (300 km, 5-6 hrs) 
After breakfast drive to Issyk-Kul Lake through Dolon Pass of 3030 m, the highest point on the Naryn-Issyk Kul road. Usually this season (May-September) the local people "chabans" are putting their yurts on the valleys of Sary-Bulak & Dolon Passes. So you will see the wild life and the nomadic local people. Lunch en route. Upon arrival at Issyk-Kul transfer to resort for dinner and overnight.
Day 15 Thursday Aug. 27,   BISHKEK 
(295 km, 4-5 hrs) 
Drive to Bishkek via Burana Tower. Burana was the site of Balasagun. It was founded in the middle of the 10 th century on the site of an old settlement. The minaret (Burana) from Turkish “munara”-minaret), one of the oldest of its kind in Central Asia, was built in 11 century and was originally 45 m tall. Visit Krasnaja Rechka - ruins of ancient city " Nevaket" of VI-XII centuries. After lunch continue to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan . Visit Ala-Too Square, Panfilov Park. Ala-Too Square is the Central Square in Bishkek city. The brutal block behind him, once the Lenin Museum, has become the State Historical Museum, with two yurts, a small archaeology exhibit and a beguiling display of Kyrgyz carpets, embroidery and other applied crafts on the ground floor. The unmarked marble palace full of chandelier offices just west of the square, the "White House", is the seat of the Kyrgyzstan government, including the President's office and the republic's parliament. Behind this is Panfilov Park, whose rusting rides and arcades make it the center of Bishkek for kids. Transfer to local restaurant for dinner. Overnight at hotel.
Day 16 Friday Aug. 28, Bishkek - Alma Aty
After breakfast CSS of Bishkek. Visit Victory square, Central Shop and Osh Bazaar. Lunch at local restaurant. Drive to Alma Arty via Kurday pass. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Friday Aug. 28 -Monday Aug. 31

Day 16 Friday Aug. 28, Bishkek - Alma Aty  (250 km, 4-5 hrs) 
Leave Bishkek after lunch and drive north to Alma Aty. Border crossing is always chaotic. But after we enter Kazakhstan,  the road to Alma Aty is nice. We will arrive at the greenest city of Central Asia before dinner.
Day 17 Saturday   Aug. 29,     Alma Aty  
FD. S/S of Almaty. After breakfast visit Panfilov Park, Cathedral, Museum of Instruments. Panfilov Park was founded in the mid 60s in the area around the Voznesenski (Zenkov) Cathedral. Like the Cathedral, Museum of Kazakh National Musical Instruments is entirely made of wood. The Museum was founded in 1980. In its collection is about 60 different types and varieties of Kazakh folk musical instruments. Lunch at local restaurant. PM. Excursion to Kok-Tube and Medeo. Kok-Tube Mountain (“green peak”) - height of 1070 m. On its top, there is an observation deck from where a beautiful panorama of Alma  Aty stretches out to the steppes beyond. Medeo is a scattering of buildings around the huge Medeo ice rink, 1700 meters high, about 15 km south-east of central Almaty up the Malaya (Lesser) Almatinka canyon. Dinner at local restaurant.
Day 18   Sunday Aug. 30, Alma Aty 
Free time in the morning. You can visit the Sunday Market which is walking distance to our hotel. We will meet at the hotel for lunch. Lunch will be served down town where the locals enjoy their week end with their families.
After lunch visit the museum of Alma Aty which is one of the best museums of ethnography and history in Central Asia. The farewell dinner will be served at an elegant restaurant.
Day 19  Monday Aug. 31 Transfer to the Air port
The tour officially ends this morning if you are flying  via Istanbul the 
flight leaves at 05.00 AM on Monday. Transfer to the air port will be after mid night.

Tour price :

Per person in a double room
 8 pax   US$ 5.536.-
 9 pax   US$ 5.502. -
10 pax  US$ 5.379. 
11 pax  US$ 5.280. -
12 pax  US$ 5.195. -
Single room supplement US $ 754.-

The price includes:

  • Transfer on arrival to Ulaan Baator
  • Transfer to the air port in Alma Aty
  • All the guides for the site seeing
  • Tips at the restaurants. Hotels, and the guides
  • 18 nights at Deluxe hotels where available and in Ger in Mongolia
  •  All the meals
    18 breakfasts
    18 Dinners
    17 Lunches
  •   A spectacular Folk dance and music show in Mongolia
  • A folk dance show in Turpan
  • All the entrance fees to the sites mentioned in the itinerary above
  •  3 Air Line tickets and air port charges:
    The airport charges in China and in Mongolia
    The International Air fare  Mongolia /China
    The air fare Beijing – Urumchi
    The air fare to Urumchi - Kashgar
  • Air conditioned bus through out the tour
  • In other words it is a typical MELITOUR price absolutely every thing is included

Not included in the price

  • Visa fees that you would need to pay the consulates in the USA
  • Personal purchases
  • Including Water - Beverages and alcoholic drinks
  • Trip Cancellation insurance
  • International Flight getting to Ulaan Batoor and  Getting back to the USA from Alma Aty

Payment & Cancellation

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Non Refundable
Paid at sign Up

2nd Payment:March 04, 2009

US$ 2000

in case of cancellation until the next payment 70% of your payment will      be returned to you

3rd Payment: May 04, 2009

US$ 2000

in case of cancellation until the next payment 50% of your total payment will be returned to you

4th Payment: June 04, 2009

Rest of your payment  

in case of cancellation there will be no refund

We strongly recommend you to buy a trip cancellation insurance.

If MELITOUR cancels the tour what you paid will be refunded to you 100% including the deposit.

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