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  May 10, 2005 - June 01, 2005


Day 22
May 31, 2005 Istanbul
The text and the picture is submitted by  Yu Majima
Today is the last day for us to keep group diary.  I cannot believe that our travel will finish in two days.  I feel like I have still one or two more weeks to travel with everyone.  It’s kind of sad.  I want to be with our group more. Today, we went to Izmit from Bursa.  On the way to Izmit, Julie gave us a box of chocolate.  She said, “This is for you.  Our group is such a great group.  Thank you all.”  She is very sweet person. After arriving in Izmit, Yasumin said that the town had reconstructed everything.  I could not believe that the town was destroyed 10 years ago, because there were no clues to tell the influence of earthquake.At lunch, we went to a restaurant by the Black Sea.  We had salad, eggplants with yogurt source, beans and fried fishes.  After the lunch, we said “Thank you” for Salim.  I really appreciate him.  He is always kind and his driving skill is amazing.  I cannot imagine that our travel without him.  Thank you Salim!!We went to a village which is near the Black Sea.  Yasumin said that we would be the first guests of the village.  The village is famous for making Pismaniye, which is a Turkish sweat made from sugar, flour and butter, and linen products.  We saw both process of making the sweat and linen.

 When we left the village, people gave us a lot of pismaniye.  The people were very friendly and kind.At 7:00 pm, we arrived in Istanbul.  We came back!!  I felt that I came back home.  The time past really fast because our travel was very fun.  I cannot believe I am in Istanbul now.

I want to say this to all of our group.  “Thank you everyone!!  I really enjoyed this travel because I traveled with you all.  Through this travel, I came to love two things; Turkey and my group.”

 And, thank you fro your cooperation for this group diary


 This diary is written by artists in “the Traditional Art of Turkey”


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